Lefkos Savvides

SavLef's RPG Character Generator

The aim of this tool is to provide the user with the necessary equipment to rapidly and effectively generate characters to use in a role-playing environment.

Based on true choice and freedom, the user can register their own set of rules that originate from their universe in regards to inventory items, character classes/races, attribute names and values, while the tool will analyse the data and generate as many characters as the user wishes.

The developer hopes that fans and newcomers of the RPG genre will use this tool to enrich their gaming experience by creating unique characters to play and interact with.

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Project info

  • Developer Lefkos Savvides
  • Showcase year 2020
  • Programme Computer Game Applications Development
  • Project type Development

SavLef's RPG Character Generator

This project involved the creation of a new tool that allows the user to procedurally generate characters for their tabletop / virtual RPGs using their own set of rules.


Passion for Roleplaying-Games


“SavLef's RPG Character Generator” is a 2020 Digital Graduate Show project by Lefkos Savvides, a Computer Game Applications Development student at Abertay University.

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Website: savvides.design

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