Alasdair Marnoch


The sounds we hear all around us can have a profound effect on our emotions and decision making processes. Over the last two semesters I have been researching, experimenting with and implementing the techniques composers and sound designers use to take audiences on a journey through the wide range of emotions evoked through the medium of horror.

In the game, the player is completely cut off from any visual stimulus and immersed in a 360° soundscape where they are forced to use both environmental sounds and music to evade the grasps of a creature built up in their imagination, whilst following the voice of a friend to safety.

In order fully immerse yourself in the experience, the player is required to play with headphones and play in as dark a room as possible.

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Project info

  • Developer Alasdair Marnoch
  • Showcase year 2020
  • Programme Sound and Music for Games
  • Project type Audio


FHear is an audio-only survival-horror game, where the player attempts to escape the grasps of a creature built up in their imagination through the use of sound and music.


I've always had an interest in music and the psychology of the human brain, and this project has been an excellent opportunity for me to explore how the two are linked, whilst using and developing on the skills that I have learned during my time at Abertay.


“FHear” is a 2020 Digital Graduate Show project by Alasdair Marnoch, a Sound and Music for Games student at Abertay University.

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Twitter: @marnochaudio

To hear Alasdair talking about the project in more depth check out their Inside the Process video.

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