Adam Bari

Procedurally Generated Maps in FPS games

Procedural content creation (PCG) is used in a variety of game genres. However, it has not seen much use in the competitive first-person shooters due to the required level of consistency. The aims of this project were to evaluate if PCG could fit into the competitive FPS formula and how a system could be implemented to generate consistently balanced levels. The results showed that generating balanced levels is possible using PCG and user feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Nonetheless, further research is required to determine how such a system could be made more consistent.

Project info

  • Developer Adam Bari
  • Showcase year 2020
  • Programme Computer Game Applications Development
  • Project type Development

Procedurally Generated Maps in FPS games

This project presents a different approach to level design in competitive FPS games through a system which can generate competitively balanced levels.


I have a passion for competitive games and am intrigued by the idea of generating consistently balanced content.


“Procedurally Generated Maps in FPS games” is a 2020 Digital Graduate Show project by Adam Bari, a Computer Game Applications Development student at Abertay University.

Audio by Finlay Ward.

Art assets by Liam Rendall and Luis Massarella.

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