Preparing for your
Online Open Day

Booking and the schedule

If you’re not sure which course is for you, simply choose one that you’re most interested in. You won’t be held to it when the day comes. There will be sessions to help you narrow down which subject or course may be the best one for you. 

Check the schedule

We recommend checking the Online Open Day schedule as soon as you join the event online so that you can plan your activities and see as much as possible. For now, here's a rough outline of what the day will look like.

Tune in on time

It makes sense to be there at the very start.

Book your place

Questions and notes

Think about some potential questions

During the event, there will be opportunities to ask staff and current students about life at Abertay. Have a think beforehand about what you'd like to find out, and perhaps come up with a couple of questions that you could ask our support staff, academic staff or students. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Take notes

As you go through the presentations and tours, you may want to take notes. To save yourself scrambling around, make sure you have a way of doing this (pen, phone, iPad, tablet etc).

Don’t worry too much if you do miss any important information though, most of our content will be available online for you to revisit at a later date.

You do NOT need to speak or be on video (but remember headphones) 

This is a really important point that we want to emphasise – you will NOT be asked to enable your microphone or camera, so please don't worry.

Instead, we'll be offering various webchats so you can interact with staff and students. The extent of your participation in the event is up to you, so go with what you feel comfortable doing.

Have headphones handy

You'll have access to lots of useful video and audio content relating to our courses, student accommodation and more.

So if you're attending the event in a communal environment, we suggest using headphones so you can focus on what we’re doing.

Everyone is welcome

As with our normal Open Days, families, guardians and carers are very welcome to join in. They don’t have to register for the event - we’ll send you a link to the event you can share with them.

You can either gather round your device(s) to share this virtual experience or join it separately.

They may have questions or thoughts that don’t occur to you, so it’s well worth involving them.

Afterwards and visiting Dundee

Dundee is an amazing student city. You could plan a visit afterwards, as even a few hours of socially distanced exploring will help you get to know the city that could become your new home. It’s something worth considering, anyway. And you can contact us if you need to know more about Dundee. 

Visiting in person

If you'd like to visit us in person, we're hoping to be able to give guided tours of our campus when the Scottish Government guidelines allow us to do so. We'll keep in touch with you about this.

And don't forget, the videos and web pages will be online for you to revisit whenever you need to.