Financial Support

Scottish Undergraduate Students

Is this you?

Are you a school or college leaver, unable to start work this summer? Is being furloughed worrying you? Are you under threat of redundancy? For so many of us, Covid-19 has completely changed employment plans.  

Here at Abertay University, we can help make your future betterIf you don’t think you can afford University, think again. 

There is a lot of funding available, and it’s not all loans. There are many grants, bursaries and scholarships, and they don’t need to be paid back.

Having a degree and up-to-date skills can keep you protected during economic down times. Study, re-skill, graduate - then enter the job market in four years’ time, once the economy has had time to recover.  

Abertay has spaces on courses starting this September, plus there is financial support available. 

It’s a good time to make a change, so why not start now?

Are you...

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...all of these?

  • Under 25
  • No children
  • Not married, in a civil partnership or living with a partner

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Two females working together or more of these?

  • 25 and over
  • Been out of school or college for at least 3 years, supporting yourself through work or benefits
  • You have dependent children

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...either of these?

Began college/university and dropped out
Completed an HNC/HND and now want to study a completely different course

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Make Abertay University your next move

Check out our degree courses to see what interests you, and check the typical entry requirements.

If your qualifications are a bit different, don’t be put off. We understand that some people have faced extra challenges. We always consider the background in which you have studied when making our decisions.

You should definitely apply if you expect to receive passes in three Scottish Highers (grades A-C) and have:

  • No family background of going to university.

  • Attended a school or lived in an area where not many people go to university.

  • Been in care.

  • Participated in a targeted aspiration-raising programme such as LIFT OFF, LEAPS, FOCUS West or Aspire North.

Got your HNC/HND already?

Many students get a degree at Abertay after college. Depending on the course, some go straight into year 2 with an HNC, or year 3 with an HND. Find out more, and the entry requirements on the degree course pages. Plus, read all about entry from college.

Why choose Abertay?

We’re a modern university. Our degrees are vocational and job-focussed. We’re small, friendly and very supportive. Here’s why you should choose Abertay.

We're happy to help

Live Chat is available on our website during office hours, you can phone 01382 308080 or email