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Accredited agents

Using our agents

Abertay University has a number of accredited agents throughout the world to allow you to connect with the University in your own country. Our agents are able to assist you if you need additional assistance in making your application to us. If you do not wish to use an agent, you may of course submit your application direct to the University free of charge.

Why should I use an agent?

Our agents have expert knowledge of Abertay University and can offer counselling, help, support and advice throughout the application process. These are some of the benefits of using one of our agents:

  1. Guidance on your choice of course. Agents are provided with full literature on the University, its range of courses and their predicted entry requirements. Our agents can help you choose the right course for you and your future aspirations
  2. Applications made through our agents are given priority. This means that you will receive a quicker decision from the University (usually you can expect a response to your application within ten working days)
  3. Visa application support. Our agents can also help you in applying for a visa once you have received your offer

Who are our accredited agents?

Choose the relevant country from our left-hand menu to find our list of accredited agents in that country.

Are there any charges for using our agents?

Accredited agents are not authorised to charge or collect fees on behalf of the University.  However, the agent may charge you a fee for their own services to cover the cost of their time in providing counselling services to you.  Before using an agent you should ensure that the agent has provided you with clear information on how much their fees are and that you understand what services they include.  If you are in any doubt about what a charge is for you should ask your agent for clarification.

The University may ask you to pay:

A non-refundable prepayment of your course tuition fee of 50% prior to receiving your unconditional offer AND/OR a total of 100% of your tuition fee to be paid prior to your registration on the course. Please see details of the tuition fees for overseas students.

The University provides the following, free of charge, for applications received through accredited agents:

  • the processing of your application to the University
  • the processing of your application for the University's Overseas Scholarships
  • overseas orientation activities on arrival, such as induction
  • free airport pick up during orientation week (this must be booked in advance and is subject to availability)

Countries where we have Agents

Bangladesh China Ghana Hong Kong India Kenya Kuwait Lebanon Malaysia Nepal Nigeria Pakistan Philippines Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore Taiwan Thailand Turkey Vietnam

What if there are no agents in my country?

All applicants are of course welcome to contact the Student Recruitment Office directly for advice regarding their application to Abertay University.

Please download our Guide to Using our Agents

Please contact us if you have any questions.