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Study abroad in the USA, Canada or Malaysia! As an Abertay student, you can study at one of Abertay's overseas partner universities for a year or a semester. Going on an exchange enables you to experience life in another country, meet students from all over the world, travel and improve your CV at the same time. Take the first step now and let us know how we can help you go global!

Application deadlines

  • 20 February 2017 for Term 1 and full year 2017/18 applications as well as early Term 2 applications.
  • 15 September 2017 for Term 2 2017/18. Please note that Term 2 options may be limited depending on availability if you don't apply by the earlier deadline above.

Late applications are welcome depending on the availability of places.

Who can take part?

Abertay offers exchange opportunities for undergraduate students aged over 18 in Year 2 or Year 3 (for DBS students, Year 4 could also be an option, please check with us for details). As part of the exchange, students from our international partner universities come to study at Abertay.

What are the benefits of participating?

Participating in an overseas student exchange can be an incredibly rewarding experience, academically, personally and professionally. You will have the opportunity to learn about another culture, meet new people and experience another way of life in your host country. During the exchange, students gain new skills, develop fresh ideas and make new friends. You will also be able to enhance your CV, expand employment opportunities and make yourself an attractive candidate for any job.  Employers value international experience as well as qualities such as independence, motivation and the ability to overcome challenges.

The 2014 Erasmus Impact Study found that graduates with an international background are given greater professional responsibility, and young people who study or train abroad were much less likely to face long-term unemployment.

Where can I study?

Course University Partner Country
Accounting and Finance*   University of North Florida USA
  Pennsylvania College of Technology USA
  SEGi University Malaysia
Biomedical Science University of North Florida USA
Business Management New Jersey City University USA
Pennsylvania College of Technology USA 
University of North Florida USA 
SEGi University  Malaysia
Computing SEGi University Malaysia
  Champlain College USA
  Concordia University Canada
Criminology  New Jersey City University USA
University of North Florida USA
Ethical Hacking (exchanges in Year 2 only) Pennsylvania College of Technology USA
  Champlain College USA
Food, Nutrition and Health University of North Florida (to be confirmed) USA
Game Design and Production Management George Mason University USA
  Champlain College USA
Marketing and Business New Jersey City University USA
Pennsylvania College of Technology USA
University of North Florida USA
Media, Culture and Society University of North Florida USA 
Psychology / Psychology and Counselling*
Psychology and Forensic Biology to be confirmed
University of North Florida USA 
  Concordia University Canada
Sociology University of North Florida USA 
Sport and Exercise / Sport and Exercise Science /
Sport and Management / Sport and Psychology
University of North Florida USA
  Concordia University Canada

* Please note that exchanges in these subjects could affect professional accreditation. For further advice please contact your Programme Leader.

Make sure to also check our Erasmus+ exchange options.

Is your course or preferred destination not listed? Don't be discouraged and get in touch to see what options might be available. We are continuously expanding opportunities for Abertay students.

Please note that even if your course is listed, the feasibility of the exchange depends on module choices available at the partner university, which may change from year to year.

When and how long is the exchange?

Most students study abroad in Years 2 or 3 (for Dundee Business School students, Year 4 could also be an option). You could go for either a full year or a single semester depending on your course structure, the modules offered at the partner university and your personal preference.

The exact timing of the exchange depends on the host university, but generally Semester 1 modules begin in mid-August and end in December and Semester 2 modules begin in January/February and end in May/June.

Will I be able to afford it?

As part of the exchange agreement between Abertay and our partner universities, you will not be liable for paying tuition fees at the host university. You will continue to pay tuition fees to Abertay through your normal arrangements. If you usually apply for SAAS tuition fee support, a student bursary or loan, you will be able to do this as if you were studying at Abertay.

You will be responsible for covering your own travel costs, visa fees, housing, meals, health insurance and in some cases an administrative fee charged by the host university.

If you have been selected to study at one of our international partner universities, you will be eligible to apply for the Moffat Charitable Trust Study Abroad Scholarship.

Do I receive academic recognition and credit?

Credits earned during an Erasmus exchange are counted towards your degree and recognised on your transcript. Your study abroad experience will also be recognised in your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

Please note that your grades achieved abroad will not be converted and will not be taken into account for calculating your degree classification. This means, for example, that if you study abroad during your entire Year 3, only grades achieved during your Year 4 will count towards your degree classification.

Before participating in an exchange, you must document the modules you intend to take at the partner university in a Learning Agreement and seek your School exchange contact's approval. If you then proceed to complete the approved modules, the credits earned will be added to your Abertay transcript after your return.

How do I apply?

  1. Discuss your module choices at the partner university with your Programme Leader and complete an Exchange learning agreement.
  2. Turn in the following application materials to the Exchange and Study Abroad Officer by the deadline:
  • Completed and signed ‌Outgoing exchanges application form 2017-18 (pdf‌)
  • Completed Exchange Learning Agreement signed by yourself and your School exchange contact
  • Current transcript of records (OASIS printout)
  • Short recommendation from Programme Leader (this can be sent directly to the Exchange and Study Abroad Officer)
  • Letter of motivation (max. 500 words) detailing why you would like to participate and why you would be a good candidate
  • Copy of your passport - this can be submitted late if you don't have it at time of application

You can also scan and send all documents by e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE:  If Abertay accepts your application, we will nominate you for an exchange to the host university. The host university may have a separate application process; students are responsible for checking this process on the university’s website and submitting all application materials to the host university to ensure their admission. You are also responsible for applying for a visa separately once accepted.

For exchanges to the USA: the documents required to apply to U.S. universities include a Certificate of Financial Responsibility and proof of funding (bank statements, scholarship award letters etc.). You should therefore make sure to discuss the funding of your exchange with us before applying.


Feel free to contact Torsten Matzke, Abertay's Exchange and Study Abroad Officer, for more information.

Meet Torsten at his drop-in sessions in the Library on Level 2 (Student Services):

Wednesdays 14.00-16.00

Fridays 10.00-12.00

Also, make sure to check out, the UK's biggest network of students who study or work abroad during their degree.