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Study Abroad

Experience Scottish education, culture and student life at Abertay University! As well as being an internationally recognised leader in computer games development, we also offer great learning opportunities in business, contemporary and social sciences, and much, much more. Abertay is a global community, hosting students from over 70 countries. At the same time, due to our small size and city-centre location, there is a real 'Abertay family' feel to our campus. Join us for a semester or a year and create your own Abertay experience!


  • Applications for the 2017/18 academic year or Term 1 (August 2017-December 2017): 15 May 2017
  • Applications for Term 2 (January 2018-May 2018): 15 October 2017

Late applications are welcome depending on availability.

Who can study abroad at Abertay?

Any student from non-EU countries can apply for our Exchange and Study Abroad Programme. (Students from the EU should apply through Erasmus or our EU Visiting Student Programme.)

Students are expected to have proficiency in English at least equivalent to our minimum requirements. If you are a native speaker, no further evidence is required.

When can I study at Abertay?

You are welcome to apply for either one semester (term) or the full year. Term 1 usually starts at the end of August and ends in mid-December, Term 2 starts in early January and ends in early May. We also offer a Term 3 during the summer with a limited choice of modules (please check with us if you are interested in this option).

Please see our Academic Calendar for exact term dates.

Costs and financial support

Please click here for up-to-date information on our annual tuition fees. If your home university has an exchange agreement with Abertay University, you are exempt from paying tuition fees to us. Please check with your home university for advice.

If you enrol for less than 120 SCQF credit points, for example because you would like to study with us for one term only, fees are charged on a pro rata basis. Full-time students should take modules worth 60 SCQF credit points per term. This will usually correspond to three modules worth 20 SCQF credit points each.

Students from the USA, Canada, India, Pakistan and China planning to study at Abertay for one year may be eligible to apply for Scotland's Saltire Scholarships.

If you are from the USA and receive Federal Student Aid, this can usually be applied towards a study abroad programme. Please ask your Financial Aid Office for further information.

Dundee is an affordable student city with the cost of living estimated at 12% below the UK average.

Typical living expenses for Dundee 2015

What can I study?

As an exchange or study abroad student, we give you maximum flexibility to plan your studies. You will be registered as a Visiting Student with one of our Academic Schools, which will allow you to pick and mix modules from any of our courses as long as you meet the individual module prerequisites. (For U.S. students: please note that majors are called 'courses' in the UK and courses are 'modules' here!)

Please consult our module catalogue for further details of the modules on offer.

Please note that your choice of modules is still subject to timetable clashes. This is particularly common if you choose modules across different courses and years, and we recommend choosing modules from the same course and year to avoid this. Timetables are announced a few weeks before the start of teaching, so unfortunately we are unable to guarantee whether a certain combination of modules will be feasible at the time of application.

If in doubt whether we offer a certain subject, please get in touch and we will be happy to advise you!

Do I receive academic recognition and credit?

You will receive a transcript of records which lists the modules you have completed at Abertay and the credits and grades achieved. Abertay uses the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework, which means that full-time students usually take 60 credits per semester. One credit corresponds to 10 hours of learning time.

Please check with your home university's International/Study Abroad/Global Education Office for information on credit transfer requirements. You will most likely need approval from your academic advisors for the modules you wish to take at Abertay in order to be able to transfer our credits.

How can I apply?

1. Ask the Study Abroad or Global Education Office of your home university for advice; your home university must approve your application before it is submitted.  If your home university would like more information, they can obtain details by contacting Torsten Matzke, Abertay's Exchange and Study Abroad Officer.

2. Complete our Exchange and study abroad application form 2017-18‌ (pdf version‌). You must print off and sign the form before sending it to us.

Please attach:

  • current transcript of records
  • copy of your passport (if this is not available at the time of application, you can send this later, but please note that we will need it in order to issue an unconditional offer)

When completing the application form, it is not usually possible to show the grades achieved for the current semester in the year in which the application is made. This is because the assessment or examination process at your home university is not normally completed when you send us the application form. We understand this, but please still list the subjects being studied during the current semester without listing the grades.

3. Ask your Advisor at your home university to sign your application form. This is very important as it confirms the information you have given and that your home university agrees to your year or semester abroad.

4. Send the completed form via e-mail or by post to:

Exchange and Study Abroad Officer
Abertay University
Bell Street
United Kingdom

What happens after I apply?

We aim to take a decision on your application within 2 weeks. We will advise you of our decision by e-mail.

If you are given an offer, you will be issued with a unique student number. This number, which you will keep for the duration of your studies at Abertay, allows you to access the part of our website which contains details of registration and enrolment. This information and other details will also be e-mailed to you.

All international students are invited to attend an International Student Welcome event and orientation programme before the start of teaching. For more information on this and advice on how to prepare for your stay in Dundee, please see our International Guide.


Once you are have accepted our offer, you will be able to apply for University accommodation. We offer a range of choices within walking distance of our city-centre campus.

English language courses

Abertay offers pre-sessional English language courses before the start of teaching and free in-sessional courses throughout the semester. You can find more information here.


Feel free to contact Torsten Matzke, Abertay's Exchange and Study Abroad Officer, for more information!