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Audio Visual

AV equipment booking procedure

Audio visual equipment loans for cameras, tripods, audio recorders etc (as well as laptops and projectors for staff) are now picked up from, and returned to the SEZ Desk. This means longer opening hours making it easier to borrow and return loan items.

Booking/borrowing guidelines

  • Equipment may be borrowed for one week at a time only; this may be extended for a further week by contacting the SEZ Desk. 308833 or

  • Please report all faults, losses or damage at the time of return and ensure that all pieces of equipment are returned as you received them.

  • Please return all equipment promptly at the end of the booking period. Frequently there are subsequent bookings and teaching colleagues are waiting for the equipment you are returning.

  • Please place bookings with at least a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. We cannot guarantee to accept bookings without this notice.

  • Please place bookings by email to avoid confusion - preferably through the web-based booking forms on the portal.

  • Bookings are logged and generate a confirmation email message. These messages provide an opportunity for verification and error correction. If a mistake is discovered please alert the IS Service Desk immediately (01382 308888 or email Please do not delete the message without reading and ensuring accuracy.

  • Equipment booked from 4.00pm onwards, either loaned to you or set-up by an assistant, should be returned prior to 5.00pm. If this is not possible, it is your responsibility to secure the equipment. It should then be returned the following day prior to 9.00am. Staff are on duty in the SEZ Desk from 8.30am - 9.00pm, Monday to Thursday, 8:30am – 7:00pm Friday and 10:00am – 5:00pm Saturday/Sunday.

  • Early cancellations of bookings are much appreciated. Please contact the IS Service Desk (01382 308888 or email Students are not allowed laptops, data projectors, mobile phones or other items where indicated. Any borrowing must be related to coursework. If the equipment is required for longer than one week, e.g. for a field trip, then authorisation is required from their course lecturer. They should also be reminded that they are responsible for safeguarding the equipment while it is in their care.

  • All borrowers should also note Borrowing Regulations, available on the portal.