Mr Robin Ion

Senior Lecturer

School School of Social and Health Sciences

Department Division of Mental Health Nursing and Counselling

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I am a senior lecturer in Nursing . I am a registered Mental Health Nurse and have an NMC recordable teaching qualification.

I completed the BA (Hons) Social Science (Politics) at Leicester University in 1983 and  the  MSc Mental Health Studies at the University of London in 1997.Before joining the University in 1997, I worked in the acute inpatient and addictions services at the  Bethlem and Maudsley hosptials in London.

I teach modules on professional development, leadership  and evidence -based practice at undergraduate level . I am module lead for recovery and self-management at MSc level.

I am interested in how nurses respond in situations where they witness poor care.


I teach both undergraduate and postgraduate students. My main areas of teaching are around evidence based practice, leadership  and professional issues.

I have an NMC recordable teaching qualification amd am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 


Current research is focussed on the reporting of poor care by student nurses.

I completed  a KTP funded project  which explored the  reliability and validity of a tool which was designed bythe mental health charity, Penumbra,  to measure recovery in mental health.

I have previously published work on the history of psychiatry with a specific focus on the reaction of British psychiatry to the introduction of the Demenia Preacox concept.

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More Information

Knowledge Exchange

I am about to complete  Knowledge Transfer Project with Dr Scott Hardie from the Division of Psychology and Bridey Monger from the Division of Nursing and Counselling. Working in partnership with the Mental Health charity, Penumbra, we  have been assessing the reliability and validity of a tool deigned by Penumbra to measure recovery in people with mental health problems.

Preliminary findings indicate that the tool is robust and fit for purpose.

I have previously delivered training to NHS 24 and to Citizens Advice Scotland.

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