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Department Division of Natural and Built Environment

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I’m a Chartered Construction Manager, Chartered Environmentalist and Chartered Building Engineer with over 20 years’ experience as a lecturer.  I’m also experienced in providing consultancy advice on construction education and training. 

My career began in the Regular Army in logistics with a global role then as a Reservist where - as a combat engineer - I was trained in demolition.  I retain close links with the military, as the Convener of Tayforth Military Education Committee supporting students in University Service Units including Tayforth UOTC and the East of Scotland Universities Air Squadron.  

I’ve been involved in research projects with the Urban Water Technology Centre and Abertay Centre for the Environment, including working with the construction industry on improving waste management. 

I’m an Ambassador for the Chartered Institute of Building and regularly deliver lectures and workshops for professionals on the route to chartered membership.

I was also one of the first members of staff at Abertay to achieve the status of Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and have been nominated consistently for the student-led Teaching Awards.

I’m a strong supporter of the charity Guide Dogs for the Blind and have been involved with the branch in Forfar for some years, including as a Dog Boarder.

Leadership Roles

Member of Court; CIOB Ambassador; CIOB Centre Chair; Military Education Committee (Convenor); Chairman of Chaplaincy Council; Scottish Qualifications Authority External Verifier and Internal Verifier and SQA Qualification Development Specialist; External Examiner for UHI, College Consortia Coordinator.


Eddie teaches across a number of areas based in his considerable experience.  The main subjects Eddie covers are Project Management, Construction Management, Leadership, Construction Contracts and Environmental Management; additional subjects vary and currently include risk, security and crisis management as well as Personal Development Planning.

Eddie uses various methods for supporting teaching including considerable additional materials on Blackboard.

In addition to being a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a mentor for professional development in both construction and education.  Eddie has published several papers covering teaching and education practice and has numerous nominations and won Student Led teaching awards.

Eddie has contributed to research projects within the Urban Water Technology Centre and Abertay Centre for the Environment .

Eddie has a particular interest in learning and knowledge development in addition to his subject discipline of construction. He has published papers covering educational developments and learning in the context of Higher Education and for organisational development.  Eddie was editor of Interact, the Journal of the Society for the Advancement of Games and Simulation in Education and Training (SAGSET) and currently provides support to RT Resources as a vocational training provider for the Quality Assurance of assessments. Edward’s current research focuses on learning within the construction professions and how organisations can benefit from a better understanding of how to develop effective learning strategies for staff.

Eddie is a part of the UWTC team and further details can be found on the team website:

In addition to the publications below Eddie reviews books on behalf of Chartered Association of Building Engineers and is a peer reviewer of papers submitted for the Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management and the Journal of Energy Policy.

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Abertay repository record of publications:

Where copyright permission has been granted by the publishers Abertay can hold copies of an academic’s publications.  This will not be a complete record as many publishers withhold permission.

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Funding/Grant Awards

2017 - 2018 Principal Investigator: Measuring Attributes.  ATLEF5

2015 - 2016 Principal Investigator: Pyramid Pods. SFC Innovation Voucher Scheme

2015 - 2016 Principal Investigator: Evaluating the impact of curriculum reform.  ATLEF3

1994 - 1996 Principal Investigator: JCT and NEC - a critical analysis.  RICS



Eddie is a highly regarded professional in the construction area with contacts across Scotland, the UK and France.  Eddie is a highly respected educationalist whose advice is sought by various organisations in relation to educational matters in general and construction in particular.  Eddie, in relation to his SQA activities, has visited every Scottish college and training provider for the construction area as an External Verifier or Adviser at some point over the last 20 years.  Eddie has also provided advice on course design and approval for the SQA, such as the HNC and HND at Motherwell college in Architectural Design as well as being asked to provide advice on qualification development for the SQA and to write materials for the SQA and their national construction awards.  In the 2014 review of SQA construction awards for NC and HN levels Eddie chaired the validation panels for all the built environment awards.

Eddie was an External Examiner for the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) from 2010 to 2016 and has been an enthusiastic supporter of their progression and development within HE and helped the UHI construction team to develop various degree awards over the years.  Eddie is currently mentoring a colleague from another University into an External Examiner role. 

Eddie, in his role as Convenor of the Military Education Committee was a pioneer in establishing the first fully mapped accredited learning for students for leadership skills within the UK for participants of Tayforth Universities Officer Training Corps and actively supports East of Scotland Universities Air Squadron.  Eddie is also highly active with other military activities and links including the Highland and Reserve Forces Cadets Association as well as representing the University on SaBRE activities.  The Military Education Committee, amongst other activities, organises regular defence lecture from a highly regarded leaders within their field.  There is an annual lecture, the Walter McNicoll Defence Lecture and on 28th February 2015 Lord Guthrie, former Chief of General Staff, the professional head of the British Army between 1994 and 1997 and Chief of Defence Staff between 1997 and 2001 presented his lecture The Just War: The Morality and Ethics of Going to War prior to signing Dundee University's Military Covenant - the first University in Scotland sign the Military Covenant.  These regular defence lectures have been well attended and had considerable impact over the years such as the 2011 lecture provided by a Special Forces Chaplain; the lecture was so inspirational that 7 of the Officer Cadets in the audience of over 300 including members of the public approached the speaker for more details after the lecture with a view to considering the possibilities for their future.  Eddie led Abertay's first Reserve Forces Day in September 2016, which was a great success in recognising the students and staff contributing to the Reserve Forces and raising awareness of the Reserve Forces within the local area.

Eddie is highly active with the Chartered Institute of Building and a trained professional body interviewer for the CIOB.  As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building, Eddie is actively involved as a CIOB Ambassador.  Previously Eddie has also been on the CIOB's Education and Training Committee.  Eddie is responsible for the construction management subject area Abertay University and he has developed innovative educational collaborative arrangements with local colleges for undergraduate courses and a unique international collaboration with the Ecole Supérieure de Conduite de Travaux in Paris for a post-graduate MSc Construction Management.  In addition to a range of management and academic responsibilities Eddie has been a member of the University's governing body, the Court, during which time he was involved with a number of change initiatives and strategic matters. 

Eddie is also a Chartered Environmentalist and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has previously been active in other professional bodies including the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Institute of Transport Mangement.

Links with industry are extensive and include acting in a consultancy capacity and Internal Verifier to an educational training company, RT Resources in Ayr, on construction education and training provision.  Eddie has written the current SVQ5 award for the SQA and the Assessor Guidance for those undertaking and supervising/assessing candidates.

Eddie has also been an enthusiastic supporter of the Science and Engineering Ambassador role and involved with various SETNET/STEM activities to encourage school children to take up maths/engineering subjects.  For 5 years Eddie was highly involved with the Tayside Space School and has been involved with links to Schools for the Scottish Baccalaureate.

Eddie is a Chartered Construction Manager (FCIOB) and Chartered Building Engineer (FCABE) in addition to being a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) with more than 22 years experience as a lecturer and programme leader across different programmes within the School of Science Engineering and Technology. 

In addition Eddie was the third person at Abertay to achieve Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA) in recognition of his contribution to ensuring high quality teaching and learning at both institutional and national level.


Invited speaker to following:

11/12/2007 Inverness College: Quality Assurance for SVQ3 and SVQ4
28/11/2007 RM Skills, Glasgow: Ensuring QA Compliance for SVQ3
15/02/2008 Dundee College: Adapting to the new HN Curriculum
16/05/2008 Dumfries and Galloway College: Standards for Graded Unit Compliance
30/05/2008 Dundee College: Standards for Graded Unit Compliance
03/09/2008 ICE Preparation for Professional Review, Dundee
18/03/2009 Angus College: QA and QE in HN Awards
05/03/2009 Carnegie College: Effective HNC Teaching and Assessment
27/03/2009 Inverness College: QA Compliance for SVQ Awards
26/06/2009 Glasgow Metropolitan College: Standards for Assessment Benchmarking
04/09/2009 ICE - NEC3: Roles and Key Clauses, Dundee
09/06/2010 Glasgow Metropolitan College: Innovation in AT Teaching 
15/04/2010 CIOB Preparing Submissions for Professional Interview, Dundee
16/06/2010 Aberdeen College: Assessment Practice for Graded Units
08/09/2011 ICE Preparation for Professional Review, Dundee
23/04/2013 CIOB Completing Applications for Professional Interview, Dundee
11/06/2014 Innovative Assessment in Architectural Technology, Inverness
11/06/2015 Sharing Best Practice in Teaching and Assessment, Inverness


Knowledge Exchange

Eddie continues with military links and activities to develop leadership skills for participants of Tayforth Universities Officer Training Corps and the East of Scotland Universities Air Squadron as the Convenor of Tayforth UOTC Military Education Committee.  This includes working with the military to have their leadership training recognised as credit-bearing for student studies.

Eddie works with CIOB and has delivered lectures and workshops on Professional Body Review courses for the Dundee Area in previous years as well as co-ordinating and organising CPD activities for students and industry; Eddie has also contributed to professional development courses and CPD activities for the Institution of Civil Engineers including the regular series of lectures in prepartion for Professional Review.   Whilst Eddie has contributed to national committees such as the CIOB Education and Training committee he is currently active at Scottish Branch and is a past Dundee Centre Chairman.  Other links with industry include acting in a consultancy capacity and Internal Verifier to an educational training company, RT Resources in Ayr, on construction education and training provision.

Eddie has developed the construction management subject area at the University of Abertay Dundee through, for example, implementing innovative educational collaborative arrangements with two local colleges and initiating and implementing a unique international collaboration with the Ecole Supérieure de Conduite de Travaux in Paris for the MSc Construction Management. 

Since entering Higher Education as a lecturer Eddie has achieved a considerable number of appointments in relation to his educational activities with the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) including appointments within SQA as Higher Education representative (Scotland) for the construction subject area.  Other appointments within the SQA related to construction cover validation expert for the Built Environment Higher National Reviews, Unit writer/verifier, External Assessor and Qualification Development Specialist and he has provided advice and guidance to several institutions on the design of courses as well as providing his time as an Approval Committee Chairman. 

Eddie has been appointed as an External Examiner to the University of the Highlands and Islands in the subject areas of sustainable construction, quantity surveying and architectural technology.    

Previous knowledge exchange activities are outlined elswhere, including his role as Editor of Interact.


Education outreach – primary/secondary

Eddie has many links to industry and other organisations to try and encourage and foster a greater interest in the benefits of construction and environment education.

Eddie contributed for many eyars to the Institution of Civil Engineers Pre-19 sub-committee to foster interest by pupils at secondary school in numerate subjects and civil engineering in particular by co-ordinating the activities of E4L and the Rapid Response Engineering Challenge (RREC).  The RREC activity is highly successful and Eddie had more than 20 Abertay student volunteers deployed across Tayside, Perthshire and Fife that would participate by going into Secondary Schools to help deliver this activity.  Secondary school outreach activities vary on an annual basis and form a key part of supporting the future development of construction professionals.

Other activities as a Science and Engineering Ambassador have included acting as a judge in K’Nex competitions in Tayside and part of the core team delivering the Tayside Space School activities from 2006 – 2011.

Eddie has also provided supervision for the Scottish Baccalaureate award and enabled one pupil undertaking the award to engage with active research within an Abertay Centre for the Environment research project.

Eddie is also part of the Abertay team that covers careers evenings at Schools, usually attending Websters or Forfar Academy career evenings when available and has also represented the CIOB at school career events.  Currently Eddie is developing stronger links with the High School of Dundee engineering team.

Other events for secondary school pupils include activities within the E4L annual event in Dundee.

Education outreach – colleges

Eddie is active in working with colleges to encourage stronger links between FE and HE by helping students enter HE courses in construction-related subjects.  Eddie has also assisted colleges and the Scottish Qualification Authority in relation to the design and chaired the validation of its awards from Higher level through to HND.  Eddie’s experience of reviewing college education provision across Scotland as an External Verifier has enabled him to have a deep understanding of the needs of these students and help support the process of transition from FE to HE.  Eddie has networked with every college in Scotland that has a built environment/construction course.

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