Mr Andrei Boiko


School School of Design and Informatics

Department Division of Games Technology and Mathematics



  • Lecturer (Part-time), Abertay University, 2014 - present
  • Research Assistant / Software Developer, Abertay University, 2011 - 2014


  • Ph.D. in Visualisation of Complex Systems, Abertay University, expected end date - August 2018
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology, Abertay University, 2013

I’m a Lecturer and doctoral researcher in interactive visualisations of complex systems.

Originally from Tallinn, Estonia, I moved to Dundee in 2009 to study Computer Games Technology at Abertay. Although I initially planned to go down the entertainment industry route after graduation, I later realised that my passion lies with applying my games programming skills to research that has the potential to improve peoples’ lives and I decided to pursue an academic career instead.

I’m currently involved in the University’s Signalling Visualisation Toolkit (SiViT) project, which aims to develop and refine a computer-based simulation of cell signalling pathways. SiVIT is designed to allow healthcare professionals to investigate and analyse the effects of various drugs on cancer cell behaviour and thus help with the development of combination therapies for cancer treatment.

My PhD research has received recognition from experts within my field. I presented my research at various national and international conferences. I demonstrated my cell signalling visualisation at the 2017 Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance PhD conference, and was awarded the best poster presentation award within my category. 

My main research focus is on the use of the cutting-edge computer games technology for the development of research-support and teaching software tools. I am also interested in mobile and VR platforms and their potential use for research and education.

I enjoy teaching others as much as I love to learn new things myself. I currently teach Programming in C++, Level Design & Scripting and Software Development for Mobile Devices.

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2017-18 MODULES

  • DES205 - Level Design and Scripting
  • CMP104 - Programming with C++
  • CMP309 - Software Development for Mobile Devices


  • Graphics Programming (OpenGL / DirectX)
  • Mathematics for Civil Engineering
  • Design and Experimentation

My research interests include user experience in computer games and other software applications, interactive visualisations of complex systems, user interface design and development of software for supporting research and education.

PhD research abstract
This project aims to bridge the gap between biologist and computational scientists by developing a Signalling Visualisation Toolkit (SiViT) which provides an interactive visualisation of computational models of cell signalling networks. The topological complexity and dynamic nature of signalling networks makes it difficult to build a comprehensive visualisation that is both an accurate representation of underlying biological processes and is easy to explore. In my research I analyse the available visualisation methods and evaluate them quantitatively and qualitatively with the aim to improve SiViT usability and compose a set of guidelines for developers of similar software tools.


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