Dr Marie Clare Grant


School School of Social and Health Sciences

Department Division of Sport and Exercise Sciences

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+44 (0)1382 30 8617


I joined the Division of Sport and Exercise Sciences as a lecturer in March 2016.  Prior to this, I worked with the Dundee Academy of Sport and the Division of Sport and Exercise Sciences as a teaching fellow.

I gained my undergraduate degree in Physiology and Sports Science, BSc (Hons), from the University of Glasgow and my PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of the West of Scotland where I was also an associate lecturer for three years (2009-2012).

I am currently module leader for:

  • Physiology for physical activity and health (SPS203)
  • Contexts of sport, health and exercise (SPS206)

My current research projects include:

  • Sleep patterns in youth swimmers and the impact of the time of day on swimming performance.
  • The impact of dry land strength and conditioning on swimming performance in young highly trained swimmers.



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Posters have been successfully defended at the following conferences:

  • European College of Sport Science (ECSS) Liverpool (Jul 2011)
  • University of the West of Scotland Research Student Conference (May 2011)
  • British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) Glasgow (Sep 2010)
  • University of the West of Scotland Research Student Conference (May 2010).



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