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I’m a lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology    focusing on the study of cognitive and emotional processes in sport. I re-joined Abertay in 2013 and over the years I have taught a number of modules, including Sport psychology, Exercise and health psychology and Motor control and skill acquisition.

I completed my PhD at Florida State University.  My doctoral thesis - on the dynamic nature of cognitive and emotional states during competition - received the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) 2007 Dissertation Award as “recognition of excellence in applied sport psychology.”

I also hold a BSc in PE and Sport, and a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology - both from the Faculty of Human Movement in Lisbon. My master Thesis consisted on the application of a cognitive-behavioural intervention, the SPARK self-management programme, to increase out-of-school physical activity in adolescents.

My wider research interests include stress, cognitive appraisals and coping, youth sport, behaviour change, exercise adherence and mental health, body image/social physique anxiety and adolescents’ psychosocial health.

I have published various peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on these themes including lead authoring “Health assets and active lifestyles during pre-adolescence and adolescence: Highlights from the HBSC/WHO health survey and implications to health promotion”, featuring in the last FEPSAC sponsored book, “Sport and exercise psychology research: From theory to practice” . 

I played handball competitively for 17 years and am a Qualified National level handball Coach..

Luis teaches across a range of modules focussing on topics related to sport and exercise psychology, coaching pedagogy, exercise adherence, behaviour change and health promotion, children's psychossocial development through sport.

Luis is mainly concerned with the broad areas of human performance and health behaviours. He is particularly interested in interdisciplinary research. His research areas include:

  • Stress, appraisals and coping
  • Cognitive and emotional processes in sport
  • Performance enhancement interventions
  • Exercise adherence
  • Physical activity and sedentary behaviour
  • Body image and social physique anxiety
  • Adolescents’ health behaviours and psychosocial health

Books and Book Chapters

Jola, C. & Calmeiro, L. (2017). The Dancing Queen: Explanatory mechanisms of the feel-good effect in dance. In Vasilikis Karkou, Sue Oliver & S. Lycouris (Eds.). The Oxford book of dance and wellbeing (pp. 13-40). Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK.

Calmeiro, L. & Matos, M. (2017). Active lifestyles and self-rated health: The mediation role of body mass index and weight perceptions. In L.B.Maia, A.M.F. Catrib, A.V.M. Brilhante & F.B.C. Costa (Eds.), Adolescencia e as interfaces com a saude e educacao [Adolescence and its interfaces with health and education]. (pp.67-82). Fortaleza, Brasil: Edicoes UFC.

Calmeiro, L. & Matos, M. (2016). Health assets and active lifestyles during pre-adolescence and adolescence: Highlights from the HBSC/WHO health survey and implications to health promotion (pp. 443-460). In M. Raab, P. Wylleman, R. Seiler, A. Elbe & A. Hatzigeorgiadis (Eds.). Sport and exercise psychology research: From theory to practice. Elsevier: London.

Matos, M., Marques, A., Loureiro, N., Calmeiro, L., Cruz, J., & Equipa Aventura Social (2016). Intervencoes na promocao da saude: Criancas e jovens [Interventions in health promotion: Children and adolescents]. In R. Gonzalez (Ed.), Promoção da Saúde em Crianças e Jovens: uma abordagem multidisciplinar [Health promotion in children and adolescents: A multidisciplinary approach]. Joao Pessoa, Brazil: Editora Imprell.

Calmeiro, L. (2011). Competências de vida e estilos de vida activos. (Life skills and active lifestyles).  M.Matos (Ed.), Competências sociais, gestão de conflitos e comunicão na escola. (Social skills, conflict management and communication in school). 2a. Edicao. Lisboa: FMH.

Calmeiro, L. & Matos, M. (2004), Psicologia do Exercício e da Saúde. (Exercise and Health Psychology). Lisboa: Visão & Contextos.

Peer-reviewed Publications

Calmeiro, L., Camacho, I. & Matos, M. (2018). Life satisfaction in adolescents: The role of individual and social health assets. Spanish Journal of Psychology, 21, e23, doi:10.1017/sjp.2018.24

Teques, P., Calmeiro, L., Martins, H., Duarte, D., & Holt, N. L. (2018). Mediating effects of parents’ coping strategies on the relationship between parents’ emotional intelligence and sideline verbal behaviors in youth soccer. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology. https://doi.org/10.1123/jsep.2017-0318

Teques, P., Serpa, S., Rosado, A., Silva, C. & Calmeiro, L. (2018). Parental involvement in sport: Psychometric development and empirical test of a theoretical model. Current Psychology, 37, 234-249.

Teques, P., Calmeiro, L., Silva, C., & Borrego, C. (2017). Portuguese validation and adaptation of the Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale (PACES) in fitness group exercisers. Journal of Sport and Health Science. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jshs.2017.09.010

Calmeiro, L., Davis, P, & Stoll, S. K. (2015). Moral reasoning in sport: Validation of the Portuguese version of the RSBH value-judgement inventory in adolescents. Sport sciences Review, 24(5-6), 285-304.

Marques, A, Calmeiro, L., Loureiro, N., Frasquilho, D., & Matos, M. (2015). Health complaints among adolescents: Associations with more screen-based behaviours and less physical activity.  Journal of Adolescence, 44, 150-157.

Teques, P., Serpa, S., Rosado, A., & Calmeiro, L. (2015). Predictors of parental involvement activities in sport. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 46, 187-209.

Nicholls, A., Terry, P., & Calmeiro, L. (2014). Pre-competitive Achievement Goals, Stress Appraisals, Emotions, and Coping among Athletes. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 36, 433-45.

Calmeiro, L. Tenenbaum, G., & Eccles, D. W. (2014). Coping with competitive pressure. A comparison of sequential patterns of elite and non-elite appraisals. Journal of Sports Sciences, 32, 1813-20.

Matos, M. G., Marques, A., Calmeiro, L., &  M., Lourenco, N. (2014). Diferentes perfis comportamentais em adolescents e associacao a pratica de actividade fisica [Differential behavioural profiles and their associations with physical activity in adolescents].  Psicologia Saude & Doencas, 15, 495-509.

Matos, Calmeiro, L.,  M., Lourenco, N, & Marques, A. (2013). Does physical activity promotion advantages need the identification of associated health compromising features such as injuries, alcohol use and interpersonal violence? Journal of Child and Adolescent Behavior, 1(3), 1-6.

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Matos, M., Calmeiro, L. & Fonseca, D. (2009). Les effects de la activite fisique en la ansiedad et depression (The effects of physical activity on anxiety and depression). La Presse Medicale, 38(5), 734-739. 

Simões, C., Batista-Foguet, J.M., Matos, M., & Calmeiro, L. (2008). Alcohol use and abuse in adolescence: Proposal of an alternative analysis. Child: Care, Health and Development, 34(3), 291-301. 

Calmeiro, L. & Tenenbaum, G. (2007). Fluctuation of Cognitive-emotional States during Performance: An Idiographic Account. Revista de Psicología del Deporte, 16(1), 85-100.

Calmeiro, L. & Matos, M. (1998). Efectos del Programa de Gestión Personal en la Promoción de la Actividad Física en Adolescentes. (Effects of the Physical Activity Self-Management Program in Adolescents Physical Activity). Revista de Psicología del Deporte, 8(1), 87-101.

Technical/Scientific Reports

WHO (2009). A Snapshot of the health of Young people in Europe.  A report prepared for the European Commission conference on Youth Health, Brussels, Belgium, 9-10 July 2009, WHO Regional Office for Europe. Contributor: Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour chapter.

KIDSCREEN-child and -parent instrument Portuguese versions. (Copyright Kidscreen group, translation and adaptation of Matos, Gaspar & Calmeiro, 2004)

More Information



  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
  • Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) 2007 Dissertation Award.
  • Best poster presentation at the V Portuguese-Spanish Conference on Sport and Exercise Psychology, Higher Institute of Applied Psychology - ISPA, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • ECSS Young Investigator Award Competition: Calmeiro, L. (1999). “Effects of Spark Self-Management program on the Promotion of Adolescents’ Physical Activity”. Poster presented at the IV Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science, 14-17 July, Rome, Italy.
  • Foundation for the Science and the Technology Doctoral Scholarship, Portuguese Ministry of the Science and the Technology

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