Dr Iain Donald

Senior Lecturer

School School of Design and Informatics

Department Division of Games and Arts

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+44 (0)1382 30 8639


Prior to joining Abertay as a lecturer in 2010, I worked in IT and Game Development.

I currently combine my industry experience with my doctoral field (history) by exploring the intersection of games, digital media and history. My recent work explores commemoration and memorialization in videogames and interactive media.

I primarily teach game production and am actively engaged through the Biome Collective in researching production and management within the creative industries, particularly project methodologies for SMEs and for multiplatform development.

I have led several award-winning Applied Games projects, and have written and presented on creating and developing games for digital health, education, cybersecurity and social change.


AG0761A - Quality Assurance and User Experience

AG0960A - Prototype Game Development

AG0961A - Game Application Development

AG0963A - The Producer in Interactive Media

AG0980A - Professional Project

AG1060A - Game Professional Awareness

AG1063A - Games Industry Awareness


AG1160A - The Games Marketplace


My principal research interests lie in production and management within the creative industries, with particular reference to the area of project methodologies across multiplatform development. Recent research includes a study in balancing traditional and agile approaches within a multiplatform environment.

I am actively engaged in researching in the field of digital media where I have written and presented on the topics of practice-based teaching, user engagement, collaborative working models and the sharing of intellectual property for the Digital Media and Games industries.

Combining my industry experience with my doctoral field I am investigating the history of computer games and their cultural significance and relationship with public opinion. Other research interests include quality assurance, user experience, continued professional development, sector diversification, sector incentivisation, quality of life and unionisation.


"The Next Generation: Games and Game Education in 2011." The Association for Media Education in Scotland, Media Education Jornal, Issue 50, Winter 2011/12.  ISSN 0268-1951

"Prototype: Developing a pedagogical model for bringing games industry practice into the undergraduate classroom." University of Abertay Press

"Entertainment Design – A Module in Expectation Management" co-authored with Dr Euan Dempster and Dayna Galloway. Publication pending by Abertay University Press and electronically by the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

"The Spanish-American War and American National Identity," War and Identity, edited by Bertrand Taithe and Tim Thornton, Sutton Publishing Ltd, 1998. ISBN 0-7509-1683-4.

Conference Papers

"Project Prototype, developing a pedagogical model for bringing games industry practice into the undergraduate classroom." Media Education Summit, Ravensbourne, London

"Prototype – Developing a Successful Model for Academic and Industrial Collaboration," co-authored with Dr Euan Dempster, Dayna Galloway and Gregor White. Accepted for SMCA 2010-2011. Originally accepted for Computer Supported Education, Valencia, Spain, 7-10 April 2010.

"Entertainment Design – A Module in Expectation Management," Presented at the HCI Educators Conference, University of Abertay Dundee, 23 April 2009.

"The Scottish Press, the Spanish-American War and the Prospect of an Anglo-American Alliance in 1898," Presented at the Modern History Seminar, University of Edinburgh, 18 November 1998.

"The Centennial of 1798: How the British and American Press viewed the 1798 rebellion one hundred years on," Presented at Ireland’s Year of Liberty - 1798: Responses and Representations Conference, University of Luton, 24-26 July 1998.

"Empire or Republic? The Philippine Insurrection and its impact upon American National Identity, 1899-1902," Presented at Empires and Identities Since 1500 Conference, Royal Historical Society, 26-27 September 1997.

"The Spanish-American War and American National Identity," Presented at War and Identity Conference, University of Huddersfield, 12 April 1997. Publication details above

"Voices of Caution: Sermons on the Spanish-American War," Presented at the Graduate History Forum at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 15-16 March 1996.

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2014 - Interface Follow-on Funding £30k

2013 - Care Inspectorate £7.5k

2013 - NHS Education LaMP Project £9.9k

2012 - BP/Odjfell Game prototype Funding £18k

2011 - CPD Quality Assurance £5k

Knowledge Exchange

2011 - Samsung Bada Challenge, University of Abertay Organiser http://www.badastudentdeveloperchallenge.com/450/university-of-abertay-dundee/http://www.abertay.ac.uk/about/news/newsarchive/2012/name,8989,en.html

2011 - Evolution and Convergence of Games and Platforms, BBC Production Masters Workshop. BBC Scotland.

2011 - Understanding Games and Gamers. BBC Production Masters Workshop. BBC Scotland


2011 - The Full Spectrum : A History of Dundee's Gaming Industry, The McManus, Dundee http://www.thecourier.co.uk/News/Dundee/article/13071/mcmanus-hosting-the-full-spectrum-a-history-of-dundee-s-gaming-industry.html

2011 - Making Digital Dundee – Scottish Television, Dundee http://www.abertay.ac.uk/about/news/newsarchive/2011/name,8351,en.html

2011 - Scotland Stand, Games Developer Conference, San Francisco - attendance directly led to Samsung Bada Challenge

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