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School School of Design and Informatics

Department Division of Cybersecurity

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Dr Geoffrey Lund is a part-time lecturer within the Division of Cyber Security. Previously he was the Division Leader in the Division of Computing and Forensics. Dr Lund has taught a wide variety of modules over his career; from computer architecture, networking, computer programming, systems analysis and software development. In recent years he have focused on mobile phone technology and mobile web development.

Dr Lund has a PhD in Computer Science which looked at measuring the process of software development in learner porgrammers. 

Dr Lund has research interests focused on mobile applications. He embrases the philosophy that the mobile device, and the Internet, has the potential to radically change modern society and we have only started this revolution. He has been working to develop applications that do embrace these ideas. The focus of much of this work is on the security of these applications and in particular the ability to recognise the user and the users intentions in a more intelligent manner. He has supervised a PhD in this area.

Other interests include the Internet of Things and their relationship with the mobile device and mobile phone technology.

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