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Ashley Rogers is a Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice. She has a BSC(Hons) in Criminology and Sociology (University of Stirling), MSc in Human Rights and International Politics (University of Glasgow, 2009) and a second MSc in Applied Social Research Methods (University of Stirling, funded by ESRC, 2013).

Ashley completed her ESRC-funded socio-legal PhD in December 2017, which explored the experiences of women victims of violence in Bolivia and the challenges they face when accessing justice. In particular, she focused on the implementation of Law 348 to Guarantee Women a Life Free from Violence. Her other work includes examining the needs of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children from both the perspective of the children themselves (a follow on from a previous role at the Scottish Refugee Council) and from Scottish local authority perspectives. In addition, she has become increasingly interested in environmental issues and recently visited Malawi to investigate access to water and community resilience. This growing interest is particularly in relation to the notion of climate justice, responsibility and redistribution, and in turn, green criminology.

Her teaching emphasises the need to critically consider dominant conceptualisations and discourses of crime, drawing attention to crimes of the powerful including, but not limited to: state-corporate crime; human trafficking; criminalisation of immigration and border policing; hate crime and dismantling the privilege embedded within discourses of 'free speech'; violence against women and girls, and the crime of femicide; environmental crime and green criminology; penal practices and abolitionism. As a largely qualitative research, she also teaches primarily on ethnographic and creative methodologies.

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  • Race, Ethnicity and Immigration
    • Colonialism, post-war migration, white privilege, processes of racialisation, criminalisation of migration, hate crime, seeking asylum and refugee processes
  • Criminal Justice Processes
    • Gender and crime, ethnicity and crime, young people and crime, critical perspectives on policing 
  • Crime and Punishment
    • The problem with statistics and an introduction to crimes of the powerful
  • Penal Institutions
    • Prisons in crisis, abolitionsm, harms of imprisonment, critical perspectives on the purpose of prison, prisons and families of those imprisoned, foreign national prisoners, women and prison
  • Policing and Justice in the 21st Century
    • Human trafficking and smuggling, policing borders, prostition, tansnational organised crime, state-corporate crime, drug trafficking
  • Honours Project (Research)
    • Ethnographic methods (including participant observation, interviewing, writing fieldnotes, writing ethographically, ethics, delineating the 'field'

Research areas:

  • Violence against women, social movements, feminism in Bolivia
  • Femicide in Bolivia
  • Conceptualisations of justice, including social, criminal, and climate justice
  • Legal consciousness and law in every day life
  • Needs of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children in Scotland and those who provide support
  • Access to water in Malawi and water as a human right
  • Human rights law and legal consciousness
  • Climate justice and community resilience to climate change
  • Ethnographic and creative methodologies

Research groups:

Transnational Crime/ International Law Research Group

Current member of:

Socio-Legal Studies Association
British Sociological Association
European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control
Scotland-Malawi Partnership
Peripheries (University of Dundee)
Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research


Selected Publications: 

(In press) Rogers, A. (2019) ‘But the law won’t help us’: Challenges of Mobilising Law 348 to Address Violence Against Women in Bolivia. Violence Against Women, X.X. pp. xxx-xxx

Blackwood, D. J., Akunna, J. C., Gilmour, D. J., Rogers, A. & O'Keeffe, J. (2019) Hydro Nation International: enhancement report for expansion of the “Integrated Water Resource Management – Southern Malawi” project (Accepted/In press) Scottish Government. 71 p.

Rogers, A. (2019) [Book Review] Colonial Policing and the Transnational Legacy: The Global Dynamics of Policing across the Lusophone Community, Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Rigby, P., Fotopolou, M., Rogers, A. & Manta, A., (2018) Responding to unaccompanied minors in Scotland: policy and local authority perspectives Stirling: University of Stirling. 33 p.

Rogers, A. (2017) ‘Law and Violence in Bolivia: A Socio-Legal Ethnography’ in Fletcher, S. and White, H. (Ed) Emerging Voices. EG Press

Malloch, M., Munro, W. and Rogers, A. (2017) Justice, Civic Engagement and the Public Sphere: Mapping Democratic Transformations in Scottish Society, British Academy/Leverhulme Funded Project, University of Stirling. Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research.

Rogers, A. (2016) Legal Consciousness and Subjectivity: Women’s Rights and Violence in Bolivia, University of Stirling Research and Enterprise Blog

Conferences and Seminars:

Rogers, A. (2018) Socio-Legal Ethnography in a Legally Plural and Plurinational Context, Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference (University of Bristol, 28 March 2018)

Rogers, A. (2017) Gender Violence and Access to Justice in Bolivia, Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference (Newcastle University, 6 April 2017)

Rogers, A. (2017) Legal Consciousness, Gender Violence and the Development of Social Movements, Invited Guest Speaker at Research Seminar Series (Abertay University, 16 March 2017)

Rogers, A. (2017) Global Social Science: Practical Challenges and Ethical Dilemmas in Latin America, Invited Guest Speaker for the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (University of Glasgow, 10 March 2017)

Rogers, A. (2016) Women’s Rights, Legal Consciousness and Identity in Bolivia, European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control annual conference (Portugal, September 2016)

Rogers, A. (2016) Women’s rights and violence in Bolivia: What does Law 348 mean?, Invited Guest Speaker at Research Seminar in the Institute for Latin American Studies (Freie Universität, Berlin, July 2016)

Rogers, A. (2016) An Ethnography of Legal Consciousness in Bolivia, Faculty of Social Sciences Research Seminar (University of Stirling, May 2016)

Rogers, A. (2016) Reflections on a Year of Fieldwork in La Paz, Bolivia, Reflections from the Field Symposium (University of Stirling, April 5 2016)

Rogers, A. (2015) Workshop on Law 348 delivered to a large group of mothers in La Paz, Bolivia. 

Rogers, A. (2015) From the Field: Challenges and Opportunities of Conducting Ethnographic Fieldwork on Law in Society (University of Stirling via Skype, May 2015)

Rogers, A. (2014) Rights in Transition: An exploration of individual and collective rights in Bolivia. Postgraduates in Latin American Studies Conference, poster presentation (Sheffield, June 2014)

Rogers, A. (2014) Women’s Rights in Bolivia: Preparing for Ethnographic Fieldwork. Faculty of Social Sciences Research Seminar (University of Stirling, April 2014)

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