Dr Alberto Fiore

Senior Lecturer

School School of Science, Engineering and Technology

Department Division of Food and Drink

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+44 (0)1382 30 8043


Alberto Fiore has an MSc in Food and Science Technology (Federico II University, Naples, Italy, 2002) a PhD in Agro-biology and Agro-chemistry – Field of study Genetic Enhancement and horticulture (Federico II University, Naples, Italy, 2005). his professional career includes: several postdoc positions in the field of food science (CNR-IBF-Trento, Italy and Dept. of Food Science University Federico II of Naples, Italy), Abroad experience for his PhD in the United State of America in Utah State University in Jon Takemoto’s Lab. He is Currently Senior Lecturer of Food Science and Technology at Abertay University. Dr Alberto Fiore has published several articles on IF journals, book and conference proceedings.

Human Physiology: Introduction to Nutrition and Metabolism

Food Microbiology

Food Chemistry and Nutrition

Food Processing


Dr Alberto Fiore main interests are:

  • Maillard Reaction and food chemistry in general, in the chemistry of heat induced contaminants in particular (acrylamide, HMF, Furosine,  CML,  Dicarbonyls, Furans, and Maillard reaction aroma).
  •  Analysis of antioxidant compounds as well as in the most widely used assays to assess antioxidant activity in food.
  • Re use of food industry by products
  • Encapsulation of different biological compound using several  techniques as Spray Dring, Spray Chilling, egg.
  • Mass spectrometric techniques as MALDI-TOF, Tandem Mass spectrometry, High Resolution Spectrometry, GCMS
  • All type of chromatographic techniques LPLC, HPLC, GC, TLC, etc

Papers on international journals

• Laura-Artemis Bouzalakou-Butel, Pantelis Provatidis, Keith Sturrock, and Alberto Fiore, “Primary Investigation into the Occurrence of Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) in a Range of Smoked Products,” Journal of Chemistry, vol. 2018, Article ID 5942081, 8 pages, 2018. https://doi.org/10.1155/2018/5942081.

• Navarro, M., de Falco, B., Morales, F.J., Daliani, D. and Fiore, A., 2018. Explorative investigation of the anti-glycative effect of a rapeseed by-product extract. Food & Function.).

•de Falco, Bruna, Alberto Fiore, Roberta Rossi, Mariana Amato, and Virginia Lanzotti. "Metabolomics driven analysis by UAEGC-MS and antioxidant activity of Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) commercial and mutant seeds." Food Chemistry (2018).

• de Falco, B., Fiore, A., Bochicchio, R., Amato, M. and Lanzotti, V., 2018. Metabolomic analysis by UAE-GC MS and antioxidant activity of Salvia hispanica (L.) seeds grown under different irrigation regimes. Industrial Crops and Products, 112, pp.584-592.

• Troise, A.D., Wilkin, J.D. and Fiore, A., 2018. Impact of rapeseed press-cake on Maillard reaction in a cookie model system. Food chemistry, 243, pp.365-372.

• Manzo, Nadia, Biondi, Loredana, Nava, Donatella, Capuano, Federico, Pizzolongo, Fabiana, Fiore, Alberto, AND Romano, Raffaele. "On The Possibility to Trace Frozen Curd in Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese" Journal of Food Research [Online], Volume 6 Number 1 (13 January 2017)

• Troise, A. D., Buonanno, M,  Fiore, A., Monti, S.M. & Fogliano V.  2016. Evolution of protein bound Maillard reaction end-products and free Amadori compounds in low lactose milk in presence of fructosamine oxidase I", . Food Chemistry", http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.foodchem.2016.06.037

• Troise, A.D., Vitiello, D., Tsang, C. and Fiore, A., 2016. Encapsulation of ascorbic acid promotes the reduction of Maillard reaction products in UHT milk. Food & function.

• Becucci, L., Rossi, M., Fiore, A., Scaloni, A. and Guidelli, R., 2016. Channel-forming activity of syringopeptin 25A in mercury-supported lipid bilayers with a phosphatidylcholine distal leaflet. Bioelectrochemistry, 108, pp.28-35.

• Troise, A. D., Fiore, A., Wiltafsky, M., & Fogliano, V. (2015). Quantification of Nε-(2-Furoylmethyl)-l-lysine (furosine), Nε-(Carboxymethyl)-l-lysine (CML), Nε-(Carboxyethyl)-l-lysine (CEL) and total lysine through stable isotope dilution assay and tandem mass spectrometry. Food Chemistry, 188, 357-364.

• Ieva Rackauskiene, Audrius Pukalskas, Petras Rimantas Venskutonis, Alberto Fiore, Antonio Dario Troise, Vincenzo Fogliano, Effects of beetroot (Beta vulgaris) preparations on the Maillard reaction products in milk and meat-protein model systems, Food Research International, Volume 70, April 2015, Pages 31-39

• Strano, Cinzia Patricia, Patrizia Bella, Grazia Licciardello, Alberto Fiore, Angela Roberta Lo Piero, Vincenzo Fogliano, Vittorio Venturi, and Vittoria Catara. "Pseudomonas corrugata crpCDE is part of the cyclic lipopeptide corpeptin biosynthetic gene cluster and is involved in bacterial virulence in tomato and in hypersensitive response in Nicotiana benthamiana." Molecular plant pathology 16, no. 5 (2015): 495-506.

• Lucia Becucci, Vania Tramonti, Alberto Fiore, Vincenzo Fogliano, Andrea Scaloni, Rolando Guidelli, Channel-forming activity of syringomycin E in two mercury-supported biomimetic membranes, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes, Volume 1848, Issue 4, April 2015, Pages 932-941, 

• Navarro, M., Fiore, A., Fogliano, V. and Francisco J. Morales Carbonyl trapping and antiglycative activities of olive oil mill wastewater Food Funct., 2015,6, 574-583

• Troise AD, Fiore A, Roviello G,  Monti SM and  V Fogliano  Simultaneous quantification of amino acids and Amadori products in foods through ion-pairing liquid chromatography–high-resolution mass spectrometry. Amino Acids. (2014) DOI 10.1007/s00726-014-1845-5

•Troise AD, Fiore A, Colantuono A, Kokkinidou S, . Peterson DG, and V. Fogliano Effect of Olive Mill Wastewater Phenol Compounds on Reactive Carbonyl Species and Maillard Reaction End-Products in Ultrahigh-Temperature-Treated Milk J. Agric. Food Chem., (2014) 62 (41), pp 10092–10100 DOI: 10.1021/jf503329d

• Strano, C P,. Bella, P, Licciardello, G, Fiore, A,  Lo Piero, A R, Fogliano, V, Venturi, V,  Catara, V. Pseudomonas corrugata crpCDE is part of the cylic lipopeptide corpeptin biosynthetic gene cluster and is involved in bacterial virulence in tomato and in hypersensitive response in Nicotiana benthamiana. Molecular Plant Pathology  (2014) 1364-370310.1111/mpp.12207.

• Troise AD, Dathan NA, Fiore A, Roviello G, Di Fiore A, Caira S, Cuollo M, De Simone G, Fogliano V, Monti SM Faox enzymes inhibited Maillard reaction development during storage both in protein glucose model system and low lactose UHT milk. Amino Acids (2014).

• Romano, R., Manzo, N., Le Grottaglie, L., Fiore, A. & Fogliano, V. Frying Performance of High Oleic Oil Enriched in Biophenols during Discontinuos and Prolonged Thermal Treatment. Food Nutr. Sci. 04, (2013).

• Fiore A, Di Monaco R, Cavella S, Visconti A, Karneili O, Bernhardt S, Fogliano V Chemical profile and sensory properties of different foods cooked by a new radiofrequency oven. Food Chem. 139, 515–520 (2013).

• De Filippis F, Pennacchia C, Di Pasqua R, Fiore A, Fogliano V, Villani F, Ercolini D, Decarboxylase gene expression and cadaverine and putrescine production by Serratia proteamaculans in vitro and in beef. Int. J. Food Microbiol. 165, 332–338 (2013).

• Kotsiou, K., Tasioula-Margari, M., Fiore, A., Gökmen, V. & Fogliano, V. Acrylamide formation and colour development in low-fat baked potato products as influenced by baking conditions and oil type. Eur. Food Res. Technol. 236, 843–851 (2013).

• Troise, Antonio Dario, Alberto Fiore, and Vincenzo Fogliano. "Quantitation of Acrylamide in Foods by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry." Journal of agricultural and food chemistry (2013).

• Licciardello G, Strano CP, Bertani I, Bella P, Fiore A, Fogliano V, Venturi V, Catara V N-acyl-homoserine-lactone quorum sensing in tomato phytopathogenic Pseudomonas spp. is involved in the regulation of lipodepsipeptide production. J. Biotechnol. 159, 274–282 (2012).

• Fiore A, Troise AD, Ataç Mogol B, Roullier V, Gourdon A, El Mafadi Jian S, Hamzalio¿lu BA, Gökmen V, Fogliano V Controlling the Maillard reaction by reactant encapsulation: sodium chloride in cookies. J. Agric. Food Chem. 60, 10808–10814 (2012).

• Palermo, M., Fiore, A. & Fogliano, V. Okara Promoted Acrylamide and Carboxymethyl-lysine Formation in Bakery Products. J. Agric. Food Chem. (2012).

• Arlorio, M., Coisson, J.D., Travaglia, F., Rinaldi, M., Fiore, A., Ferracane, R. and Fogliano, V., 2011. Roasting affects quality and safety of hazelnuts: acrylamide, HMF and computer vision image analysis for their monitoring. Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences, 61(Suppl. 1).

• Fiore, A., Mannina, L., Sobolev, A.P., Salzano, A.M., Scaloni, A., Grgurina, I., Fullone, M.R., Gallo, M., Swasey, C., Fogliano, V. and Takemoto, J.Y., 2008. Bioactive lipopeptides of ice-nucleating snow bacterium Pseudomonas syringae strain 31R1. FEMS microbiology letters, 286(2), pp.158-165.

• Fiore, A., J.M. Laparra, R. Farrè, M.R. Fullone, I. Grgurina, M. Gallo, and V. Fogliano, Lipodepsipeptides from Pseudomonas syringae Are Partially Proteolysed and Not Absorbed by Humans: an in vitro Study. Journal of Food Protection  Journal of Food Protection (2008), 71(5), 979-985.

• Coraiola M., R. Paletti, A. Fiore, V. Fogliano and M. Dalla Serra Fuscopeptins, antimicrobial lipodepsipeptides from Pseudomonas fuscovaginae, are channel forming peptides active on biological and model membranes (2008) Journal of Peptide Science, 14(4), 496-502.

• M.R. Fullone, A. Paiardini, D.C. Gross, S.H. Lu, A. Fiore and I. Grgurina, Mutational Analysis and Homology Modelling of SyrC, the Aminoacyltransferase in the Biosynthesis of Syringomycin (2007) – Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 364(2), 201-207.

• Fiore A, La Fauci L, Cervellati R, Guerra MC, Speroni E, Costa S, Galvano G, De Lorenzo A, Bacchelli V, Fogliano V, Galvano F. 2005  Antioxidant activity of pasteurized and sterilized commercial red orange juices. Mol Nutr Food Res. Dec;49(12):1129-35.

• Grgurina, I., Bensaci, M., Pocsfalvi, G., Mannina, L., Cruciani, O., Fiore, A., Fogliano, V., Sorensen, K. N., Takemoto, J. Y. (2005). Novel Cyclic Lipodepsipeptide from Pseudomonas syringae pv. lachrymans Strain 508 and Syringopeptin Antimicrobial Activities. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 49: 5037-5045

• Coraiola, M.; Fiore, A.; Fogliano, V.; Menestrina, G.; Grgurina, I. 2003 A comparison of permeabilizing activity of lipodepsipeptides from Pseudomonas spp Italian Journal Of Biochemistry Vol. 52 Núm. PART_3 pg - 12.03 ISSN : 0021-2938

• Scaloni A, Dalla Serra M, Amodeo P, Mannina L, Vitale RM, Segre AL, Cruciani O, Lodovichetti F, Greco ML, Fiore A, Gallo M, D'Ambrosio C, Coraiola M, Menestrina G, Graniti A and Fogliano V. 2004. Structure, conformation and biological activity of a novel lipodepsipeptide from Pseudomonas corrugata: cormycin A. Biochem.J. 384: 25-36

• Di Berardino D., De Rosa G., Fogliano V., Fiore A. e Ritieni A. "Sister chromatid exchanges (SCES) and chromosome aberrations induced by fusaproliferin in mitotic chromosomes of the goat (Capra hircus L.)" Annali della Facoltà di Agraria di Portici serie V vol. 1 pag 135-143


Book Chapters
• G. Menestrina, M. Coraiola , V. Fogliano, A. Fiore, I. Grgurina, A. Carpaneto, F. Gambale and M. Dalla Serra. 2003. Antimicrobial lipodepsipeptides from Pseudomonas spp: a comparison of their activity on model membranes. In Pseudomonas syringae and related pathogens. Biology and Genetic, S. N. Iacobellis, Dordrecht (NL):Kluwer Academic Publishers 185-198.


Papers in Conference Proceedings   
• Coraiola M., Fiore A., Fogliano V., Menestrina G., Grgurina I., Dalla Serra M. 2003 Permeabilizing activity of antifungal lipodepsipeptides from Pseudomonas spp. on lipid membranes. (Biophys. J. 84:52a)Biophysical Society 47th Annual Meeting San Antonio, Texas USA
• Vinale, F; Fiore, A; Fogliano, V; Scala, F; Gallo, M; Gigante, S; Cirvilleri, G; Catara, A; Lorito, M Biocontrol Pseudomonas strains against postharvest pathogens of apple Journal of Plant Pathology [J. Plant Pathol.]. Vol. 87, no. 4, suppl., p. 307. Dec 2005


• Vinale, F., Fiore, A., Fogliano, V., Scala, F., Gallo, M., Gigante, S., ... & Lorito, M. (2005). Biocontrol Pseudomonas strains against postharvest pathogens of apple. Journal of Plant Pathology, 87(4), 307.

• Coraiola M., Fiore A., Fogliano V., Menestrina G., Grgurina I., Dalla Serra M. 2003 A comparison of permeabilizing activity of lipodepsipeptides from Pseudomonas spp  SIB: Società Italiana di Biochimica e Biologia Molecolare 48° National Congress – Ferrara- 15-18 Settembre 2003


Conferences and Congresses

• Giornate Scientifiche Del Polo Delle Scienze E Delle Tecnologie Per La Vita - Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia, Farmacia, Medicina Veterinaria e Agraria 6 - 7 Giugno 2002

• XVI Congresso Nazionale della Società Italiana di Biofisica Pura ed Applicata e I Workshop di Biofisica Italo-Sloveno. (Trento 11-14 settembre 2002) 

• 44th ICAAC Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy October 30-November 2, 2004  Washington Convention Center  Washington, DC

Oral contributions (Presenting author underlined):

• Alberto Fiore, et. Al CONTROLLING MAILLARD REACTION BY REACTANTS ENCAPSULATION: SODIUM CHLORIDE IN BISCUITS Department of Food Science, University of Napoli ‘‘Federico II’’, Napoli, Italy VII CHEMICAL REACTIONS  IN FOODS November 14-16, 2012  Prague, Czech Republic

• Ascione G., N. Dathan, A.D. Troise, A. Fiore, G. Roviello,A . di Fiore, G. De Simone, V. Fogliano and S. M. Monti, FAOX enzymes from Aspergillus sp as enzymatic tools for preventing AGE formation, 11th Symposium International on Maillard Reaction – IMARS and Université de Lorraine – Nancy (France)

Poster contributions:

• Antonio Dario Troise, Alberto Fiore and Vincenzo Fogliano Fast and efficient quantification of acrylamide in foods by Orbitrap high resolution mass spectrometry EuroFood Chem XVII, Istanbul (Turkey)

• Aberto Fiore, Antonio Dario Troise, Abdelhaq Acharid, Inés Birlouez-Aragon, Fogliano Vincenzo Microencapsulation of ingredients to mitigate the formation of Maillard Reaction end products in infant formula EuroFood Chem XVII, Istanbul (Turkey)

• Xianghui Kong, Antonio Dario Troise, Alberto Fiore and Vincenzo Fogliano Fast and efficient quantification of acrylamide in foods by Orbitrap high resolution mass spectrometry III MS Food day (Trento, Italy)

• Controlling the Maillard Reaction by reactant encapsulation: sodium chloride in cookies Fiore, A., Troise A.D., Mogol, B.A, Roullier, V., Gourdon, A., El Mafadi Jian, S, Hamzalio¿lu, B.A., Gökmen, V. and Fogliano, V. 11th Symposium International on Maillard Reaction – IMARS and Université de Lorraine – Nancy (France)

• Microencapsulation of L-Ascorbic Acid to mitigate the formation of MRP in infant formula* Fiore A., Troise A.D.  , Acharid A., Birlouez-Aragon I., Fogliano V. 11th Symposium International on Maillard Reaction – IMARS and Université de Lorraine – Nancy (France)

• UN NUOVO LIPODEPSIPEPTIDE BATTERICO AD ATTIVITA’  ANTIFUNGINA*A. Fiore, °D. Piacenti , §M. L. Greco, °V. Scala, °R. Ciliento e *M. Gallo.  *Dipartimento di  Scienza degli Alimenti, Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”, Parco Gussone, 80055 Portici (Na)°Dipartimento di Arboricoltura e Patologia Vegetale, Università degli Studi di  Napoli “Federico II”, Parco Gussone, 80055 Portici (Na) § Dipartimento di Patologia e Biologia Vegetale, Università degli Studi di Bari

• CORMICIN A NEW LIPODEPSIPEPTIDE FROM BACTERIA  WITH POTENT MEMBRANE-DISRUPTING ACTIVITY   A. Fiore1, M. Lorito2, V. Fogliano1, M. Gallo1 and M.   Dalla Serra3  1Dip. Scienza degli Alimenti, Uni. Napoli Federico II; 2Dip. Ar.Bo.Pa.Ve., sez. Patologia Vegetale, Uni. Napoli FedericoII; 3ITC-CNR Istituto di Biofisica sez. Trento, Italy 

• ANTIMICROBIAL LIPODEPSIPEPTIDES FROM PSEUDOMONAS SPP: A COMPARISON OF THEIR ACTIVITY ON MODEL MEMBRANES   Coraiola M.1, Fiore A.2, Fogliano  V.2, Menestrina G.1, Grgurina I.3 and Dalla Serra M.1 1ITC-CNR Istituto di Biofisica, Sezione di Trento, Via Sommarive 18, 38050 Povo (Trento), Italy; 2Dip. Scienza degli Alimenti,  Uni. Napoli "Federico II", Parco Gussone, 80055 Portici, Napoli, Italy; 3Dip. Scienze Biochimiche “A. Rossi Fanelli”, Uni. Roma

• Nature of the interaction of Lipodepsipeptides from Pseudomonas syringae with model membranes Paletti R. Coraiola M. Fogliano V. Fiore A. Dalla Serra M., MMD Meeting Matter Materials And Devices Genova, June 22-25, 2005

• Biocontrol Pseudomonas strains against postharvest pathogens of apple  F. Vinale, A. Fiore, V. Fogliano, F. Scala, M. Gallo, S. Gigante, G. Cirvilleri, A. Catara, M. Lorito ATTI XII° Congresso Nazionalr S.I.Pa.V.- Villa S.Giovanni (RC) 29/9-1/10 2005

• Stabilità delle antocianine in succhi d'arancia rossa pastorizzati e sterilizzati Fiore Alberto,  Fogliano Vincenzo. Dipartimento di Scienza degli Alimenti, Università di Napoli “Federico II” Parco Gussone Ed84, 80055 Portici, (Na) Italy. VI Congresso di Chimica Degli Alimenti Alba (Cn) 7-10 nov. 2006

More Information


8 Innovation Vouchers (2015-2016) £40,000 (PI: 4)

1 Carnegie collaborative grant (PI) £50K

1 Innovate UK  (PI) £305K


Dr Alberto Fiore is a member of: 

The Institute of Food Science and Technology

IMARS, International Maillard Reaction Society

Dr Alberto Fiore is often contacted as peer reviewer for many IF journal and he is Guest editor of several Special Issue on food-related IF Journal 

Knowledge Exchange

Dr. Alberto Fiore is involved on a consultancy basis and Knowledge Exchange with several food companies.  

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