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Adam Talbot is a Lecturer in the Division of Sport and Exercise Sciences. He completed his PhD at the University of Brighton in 2018, having undertaken ethnographic research on protest at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. He also holds an MRes in Sociology, Planning and Policy and a BA (Hons) in Sport and Community Development, both from Sheffield Hallam University. His research interests include protest, human rights, development, politics, ethnography and popular culture. He teaches on sport development and sport sociology modules, helping students understand the social context in which sport takes place. He has written numerous media articles about the Olympic Games and human rights, for a range of publications, including RioOnWatch, The Conversation and America's Quarterly, alongside being interviewed by major broadcasters including the BBC and NBC. He is an active member of the British Sociological Association. He is also active on Twitter @AdamTalbotSport

Adam teachs on Sport Development modules, as well as contributing to teaching on the sociology of sport and research methods. He also supervises undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Adam is interested in the intersection between popular culture (primarily sport) and politics. He is interested in how questions of power and oppression are raised and addressed within sporting contexts. His research focusses on how sport as a site of political action, whether that is through sport development projects or social movements engaged in the sporting sphere. He is currently focussed on social movements and political contestation surrounding the hosting of mega-events, principally Rio 2016.

Journal Articles

Talbot, A. and Carter, T.F. (2018) Human rights abuses at the Rio 2016 Olympics: activism and the media. Leisure Studies, 37 (1), 77-88.

Cawkwell, J., Talbot, A. and Boylan, M. (2016) Beginning collaborative learning: student and staff perspectives on its value and challenges. Student Engagement and Experience Journal, 5 (1).

Talbot, A. (2015) The negative impacts of volunteering: a qualitative case study of one UK scout group, Voluntary Sector Review, 6 (2), 209-220.

Book Chapters

Talbot, A. (2018) Transforming policy through discourse intervention: RioOnWatch, favelas, and the 2016 Olympic Games. In: Carter, T.F. Burdsey, D. and Doidge, M. (eds.) Transforming Sport: Knowledges, Practices, Structures. London: Routledge, 167-180.

Conference Proceedings

Talbot, A. (2018) Memória não se remove: as políticas dos lugares no museu das remoções. BRASA XIV Congress. Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, 25-28 July.

Pilcher, J. and Talbot, A. (2017) “The Indigenous Moment”: Symbolic Inclusion of the ‘Other’ in the Sydney 2000 and Rio 2016 Olympic Ceremonies. Traversing Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Social Research. University of York, 25 May.

Talbot, A. (2017) Rio 2016 and the right to the city: the Plano Popular da Vila Autódromo. Society for Latin American Studies Annual Conference. University of Glasgow, 6-7 April.

Talbot, A. (2017) Alternative perspectives on Rio 2016: constructing and disseminating counter narratives. British Sociological Association Annual Conference. University of Manchester, 4-6 April.

Talbot, A. (2016) “Somos Todos Vila Autódromo”: activists supporting Favela residents’ housing struggle. North American Society for the Sociology of Sport Annual Conference. Tampa, Florida, 3-5 November.

Talbot, A. (2016) Ocupa Vila Autódromo: Supporting one favela’s right to remain in the face of the Rio 2016 Olympics. Social Movements and Protest: Future Challenges for Research & Practice. University of Brighton, 10-11 October.

Talbot, A. (2016) What went wrong with Rio’s Olympic dream? An anti-Olympic activist perspective on Rio 2016. BSA Sport study Group Postgraduate Forum. York St John University, 2 September.

Talbot, A. (2015) Activism at the Olympics: Challenges of preparing fieldwork in a far away land. BSA Sport Study Group Postgraduate Forum. Edge Hill University, 4 September.

Talbot, A. (2015) Activism at the Olympics: Exploring social movements protesting at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Physical Activity and Sport: Current Discourses and Practices from a Human and Social Science Perspective. University of Copenhagen, 23-28 August.


Talbot, A. (2017) Book Review: Rio 2016: Olympic Myths, Hard Realities. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. DOI: 10.1177/1012690217750379

Talbot, A. (2016) Jules Boykoff. Power Games: The Political History of the Olympics. Olympika, XXV, 119-123.

Talbot, A. (2015) Rob Millington and Simon Darnell, “Constructing and Contesting the Olympics Online: The Internet, Rio 2016 and the Politics of Brazilian Development,” International Review for the Sociology of Sport 49, no. 2 (2014), 190-210. — Silvia Cristina Franco Amaral, Dirceu Santos Silva, Marcel Ivan dos Santos and Gabreil Rocha Vargas, “A sociedade civil e os conflitos na construção dos megaeventos esportivos no Brasil,” Revista Sociedade e Estado 29, no. 2 (2014), 637-660. Olympika, XXIV, 130-132.

Adam has also published numerous media articles for RioOnWatch, The Conversation, Engaging Sports, Roar Magazine, America's Quarterly and others

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Carnegie Research Incentive Grant awarded in 2018 for a project entitled: Social movements, event coalitions and political legacy: the case of Rio 2016

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