Division of Food and Drink

Division of Food and Drink

Head of Division: Dr Athina Tziboula Clarke

The expertise of our staff is much sought-after by industry, professionals and the academic community.

The Division of Food and Drink is responsible for the innovative design, development and delivery of courses in food-related disciplines. The Division’s programmes are designed so that students have an excellent practical grounding and students are also able to gain real experience of working in their chosen sectors often via work or research placement.

The Division has strong links with the food and drink industry - the largest manufacturing sector in Scotland, generating over £9.5 billion per annum - operating in a highly competitive market and continually offering new and innovative products. The food and drink industry also works closely with the health and environment sectors to respond to the challenges of ever-higher consumer expectations. To do so, the industry requires highly qualified graduates with a clear understanding of food, nutrition, health and environmental impact.


The Division of Food and Drink offers a range of innovative degree programmes in the areas of food and consumer science relevant to the 21st Century. All of our undergraduate programmes are vocationally orientated and offer the opportunity to undertake a work placement within their area of study. The programmes on offer are:

A feature of these programmes is the exposure to the professional world through workshops, lectures delivered by practitioners, field visits and work-based placements.


The Division hosts Food Innovation@Abertay (FIA), which is a practical innovation support service for the food and drink industry. FIA provides expert support and practical advice to businesses, particularly in new product development, food safety and production techniques and can also arrange consumer analysis as well as access to our dedicated food photography studio and development kitchens. For further details see FIA’s website. Research in the Division also includes microbial physiology, environmental microbiology and technology, yeast biotechnology and biofuels.

For details of staff research output please see the University research pages.


Abertay has invested £3.5 million in fantastic new science facilities, which opened in May 2017.

As a student within the Division of Food and Drink, you will have access to:

  • A Consumer Experience Laboratory which includes a sensory suite for 12 panellists. This includes a climate-controlled environment and adjoining focus group suite equipped with the latest teaching technology.
  • A New Product Development Laboratory. This is a pilto-scale processing facility equipped with a spray drier, extruder, micro-brewery, cheese vats, a rheometer, a texture analyser, a freeze drier and more.
  • Two, state-of-the-art teaching labs designed for flexible use and equipped with everything you'd expect in a modern lab. Adjoining these is a multi-purpose learning/social are with comfortable seating and an 84-inch screen.