Steve McGreal

Software Development Consultant @ Unity

Steve McGreal

Steve was a student in the early years of Abertay's Computer Games Technology course, and led one of the winning teams in Dare 2003. As a direct result of his participation in Dare, Steve landed a job at EA, and has been working as a programmer and consultant in the industry ever since. He worked on big-budget Harry Potter games at EA, and Grand Theft Auto games and LA Noire at Rockstar. Then he got into mobile development, working on a bunch of games that got canned at Zynga, and some neat racing games that got released at Hutch. After a stint at a digital agency working on interactive museum installations at The Science Museum and the V&A, and an interactive app version of Professor Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time", Steve joined Unity as a Software Development Consultant.

At Unity, he has worked with over 50 customer projects, contributing technical advice (and sometimes code) with an emphasis on profiling and performance optimisation, and he's written or contributed to numerous ebooks and best practice guides. On the 20th anniversary of Steve's time at Dare, he'd like to come back to talk about his experiences back then and in the industry since then, and to offer to spend some time with your team figuring out how to make your project be the best it can be.  

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