Alastair Smith

Director, Corporate @ Lindsays

Alastair Smith

Alastair is a Director within the Corporate and Commercial team. He advises clients in software, technology, med tech, fin tech and life sciences sectors specifically in relation to investments, data protection, commercial contracts, technology, and intellectual property matters.  

Alastair has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the video game sector. He has a number of key connections in Scottish studios both large and small (400 people to 1 person). He has recent experience of funding video games through a variety of means from “family and friends”, crowdfunding, VC funding to grants (including tax reliefs – VGTR). For video games he has recently dealt in licences relating to intellectual property (e.g., music, art, fonts, voiceover and game engine licences (such as Amazon’s Lumberyard and Epic Games Unreal engine)). Alastair is asked to speak at industry events and to give in house legal training sessions on IP at video games studios.   

 Alastair Smith - Director, Corporate @ Lindsays

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