Dare Academy Finalists 2018

Technofluid Games - “Physic”

Physic  is a level based puzzle game akin to Portal or Qube. The main mechanic surrounds the manipulation of physics properties.  You play as eccentric inventor Dr. Muucav, who’s latest invention is the P.A.S.T.A. (Physics Assimilating Suction and Transferring Apparatus). The P.A.S.T.A. has the ability to extract physics properties from objects, then reapplying it onto other objects.

To patent this invention, Dr. Muucav has been invited by a race of intra-dimensional beings to test the invention in a safe space, away from where the Doctor could cause unintentional damage. The alien environment the game takes place in is littered with foreign plant containing the physics properties needed to solve puzzles, and progress through the game.

Aetherfall Games – “Only Shadows”

Only Shadows is a first-person surrealist exploration of an Unknown Soldier’s post-traumatic psyche begotten of the barbarism of war - as well as a commentary of its cyclical nature and a subversion of its conventional glorification. The player-character journeys through time and psychology into a number of anthological stages - each symbolic of the deepening journey into the soldiers fractured and shell-shocked mind.

Soda Float – “Obsol33t”

Obsol33t is a first person walking simulator and RPG hybrid, played with keyboard and mouse. Explore the environments through the eyes of multiple characters to uncover more of the story and world. There is a puzzle solving element to this exploration as you must find creative ways to overcome obstacles- high curbs, stairs, large crowds, or trantruming AI. Characters you speak to appear in 2d, visual novel style portraits. The player picks their own dialogue options and choices to advance a branching narrative. This mix of 2d and 3d is reminiscent of the Social Links in the persona series.

Thunder Lime – “Kinoko”

In Kinoko, you play as a nature spirit tasked with clearing away winter and bring the forest into spring. It’s a relaxing experience with focus on exploration and transforming the environment in a positive way.

You control Kinko's movement through standard 3rd-person controller input. The objective is to explore the environment and look for key areas that you interact with to transform the landscape from winter to spring. The level is divided into smaller, easy navigable areas divided by environmental puzzles.

Cation Games – “SketchTown Showdown”

SketchTown Showdown is a collection of party mini-games focussing on player creativity - mainly through drawing pictures on their smartphone which come to life in game. The flagship mini-game ˜Draw Your Weapon” involves each player drawing a weapon (sword, gun or shield dependent on mode) on their smartphones which will appear in the hands of the characters they control. In “Star Chaser” players will design their own space rocket to fly in as they compete to collect stars in the night sky. We aim to create varied opportunities for different creative inputs to suit players of all abilities.

Zero Qualms, - "Vox Racers"

Vox Racers is a vibrant and competitive racing game, set in a colourful and striking voxel world. Customise your racer, choose your destination and set off against your friends and rivals in this intense and nostalgic experience. Optimised for a HOTAS setup, Vox Racers is a love letter to classic arcade racing games whilst standing out as an original voxel title.