PHOGS! takes you and a friend on a double-ended physics dog adventure in a vibrant and colourful world filled with puzzles to solve and strange creatures to help! You cooperate and coordinate as you each use half of a controller to manoeuvre one end of the dog, stretching and grabbing to grow jumpkins, herd munchlets and feed the hungry world worms. PHOGS! is a game with simple controls and a silly atmosphere that anyone can play with family and friends.

BitLoom were crowned winner of the 2017 Dare Academy and their creation was listed in “Eurogamer’s top ten games at EGX”. Judges described PHOGS! as “fun and cute”, as well as “very polished” and with “appealing art style and audio”.

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Thursday 23 May 2019

RT @EGX: @Ubisoft_UK @mediamolecule @askiisoft @devolverdigital At number two, it's @Coatsink's dual-doggo co-op game, Phogs! You guys love…

Thursday 02 May 2019

RT @PlayPHOGS: 🔵 Hey Red! Sadly, we couldn't give shirts to all our friends. Do you think we should give away more? 🔴 YES! MY FACE ON A SHI…

Monday 15 April 2019

RT @PlayPHOGS: 🔴 Hey Blue! *WASNT THAT OUR GATE?!* 🔵 Was it D63? 🔴 YES, WE MISSED THE GATE!!! RUN! #PHOGSonTour #TwitchConEU https://t.c

Wednesday 10 April 2019

RT @indiegamescom: Top 10 Games of Pax East: @bitloomgames' ‘Phogs!’