Dare Academy Shortlist announced!

Dare Academy Shortlist announced!

In the first big announcement of Dare Academy 2021, we are DELIGHTED to announce that 11 applicants have made it through to the interview pitch stage, which will be held on 3 June.

As we anticipated, the quality was remarkably high which made the decision making very difficult. Eight judges scored each application against the criteria of

- Creativity and Originality
- Audience Awareness
- Viablity and Scope
- Application Quality 

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Let’s meet our shortlisted teams 

  • Crabertay with “Beats of Dischordia”, a singleplayer stealth-action rhythm game

  • Team Cannon “Shell with Floral Fever”,  a player vs player plant growing game

  • Tub Club with “Valley Peaks”, a first person platform adventure

  • Forgotten Studios with “Hotaru”,  a fairytale narrative exploration game

  • Puddlefoot Games with “Adventures of Eolas and Inntinn” an educational mental health adventure game.

  • Wallfox Games with “T-Wrecks”, a “runner” style exercise game

  • Tartan Paint with “The Social Space”, an applied social experience game

  • Team Dash with “Backdashers” an accessible 3D party fighting game

  • Team Blu Cow with “Escape the UwUverse” a Sci-fi, twin stick puzzle game

  • Tin Fish Games with “Going Yonder”, a mini open-world island adventure

  • Queer <coded> with “Homebound”  queer story-focused road trip game

We hope to announce the finalists on June 4.