Dare Academy 2018 Mentors

Darroch McNaught

Founder @DeuXality Games

Darroch McNaught is the founder of DeuXality Games, a global company with team members spanning 3 continents and 5 countries. They are focused on delivering high-end user experiences which lately have included the flourishing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality markets.

DeuXality started out building Games and Apps for the leading mobile and tablet markets. Their first game "1,000 Doors: the Quiz" went to Number One on iPhone in the US and Number One on iPad in Canada.

Darroch firmly believes that education and gamification is at the core of everything that DeuXality Games do and that fun is the best way to learn!

He is the head creative officer and graphics monkey for the team. In his arsenal he uses:
Adobe Photoshop + Creative Suite; 3DS Max; Quixel Suite 2.0; Unity Engine; Unreal Engine; Visual Basic; MonoDevelop; C#, JavaScript; Avid editing Suites and Protools; Standard windows authoring tools .

Darroch was BAFTA nominated in 2004 as part of Dare to Be Digital

Darroch McNaught

David Hamilton

CEO @ Ninja Kiwi

A graduate from Abertay University in Computing Games Development. Founded Digital Goldfish a mobile games studio in 2005 which was later acquired by Ninja Kiwi in 2012.  Now co-manages Dundee studio with over 30 staff.  Biggest game to date has been Bloons TD 5 and in total the company has had over 100 million downloads across mobile, console and Steam.

David Hamilton

Keeley Bunting

Games Designer @ Outplay

Keeley Bunting is a Games Designer with over 10 years of experience in both Canada and the UK. She currently works as a Senior Designer at Outplay leading the design for Crafty Candy, a mobile match-3 title. Previously at companies such as Electronic Arts, Nexon, Microsoft and Disney, she explored a variety of disciplines including design, technical art and software engineering. In addition to working on games for Kinect, Facebook, web and mobile, Keeley participated within an innovation team which was awarded 6 patents relating to physical-digital play. All too familiar with challenges of being on the bleeding edge of technology, Keeley has learned the value of resilience, adaptability and most importantly to enjoy the journey. 


Keeley Bunton

Marc Williamson

CEO@Tag Games

With 13 years total experience in the industry. Marc joined Tag Games back in 2010, he has played a pivotal role in all of Tag’s products from pitch to launch, leading teams and managing client relationships It Has recently been announced that he is to take over as Tag Games CEO.

A graduate from Teesside University games courses, Marc went on to set up his own development company Halch, developing for all popular console devices for 4 years.  After closing Halch, Marc joined the team at Tag Games heading up the production of all the products and the management of the team.  During the past 11 years in games Marc has delivered games and applications for brands and companies ranging from Rovio,  Nickelodeon, Activision, National Geographic, BBC, Square Enix,  Ubisoft, Channel 4, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and more, across multiple platforms.


Marc williamson

Pete Shea

Games Designer (Consultant)

Pete Shea is a BAFTA nominated and Emmy winning Game Designer based in Glasgow. In a 20 year career as a Game Designer, Creative Director and Project Manager, Pete has worked on over 30 published games on a wide range of consoles and mobile devices. He has experience in designing games in many different genres including Action Adventures, Platformers, Racing Games, Puzzle Games and games for kids. Pete has previously worked for VIS entertainment, Firebrand Games and Chunk. He currently works as a Freelance Game Designer/Producer and is also solo developing his own original indie PC game to be released on Steam in 2018.

Pete Shae

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