Dell UK, Alienware and Dare Academy

We are so pleased this year that we’ve been able to have Dell UK and Alienware sponsor Dare Academy 2021.

Dell need little introduction. But we’ll give you one anyway.

They’re a huge multinational computer technology company that offers some of the best computing products on the market. And extremely relevant to our Dare Academy, is their Alienware product range, which is built with the gaming experience in mind.

Make no mistake about it, Alienware Monitors & Desktops offer high performance gaming with the best in speed and immersion for gamers who want an uncompromised, ultimate experience. They are designed to take you deeper in to your game than you can imagine.


With the student experience built in mind, they’re delighted to offer exceptional and exclusive student discounts which won’t just satisfy the bank balance. It’ll provide you with the most intense and exhilarating gaming experience available.

Check them out right here:

Monitors | Dell UK

Student Discounts on Laptops & Desktops | Dell UK

There’s also 18% savings on Alienware Monitors AW2521H, AW2720HFA, AW2720HFA, AW3420DW, AW2521HF, AW2521HFL only with limited stock only.