Division of Business and Management

Division of Business and Management

Head of Division: Charles Malone

Programmes in the Division of Business and Management will prepare you for a career in a wide variety of exciting and challenging industries.

Our programmes consist of:

BA (Hons) Business Management

BA (Hons) Marketing and Business

BA (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management

Where will our business courses take you?

Business courses – leading success

Our business courses are focussed on preparing you for the world of business, where the pressures – and the rewards – can be enormous. The broad skills we develop ensure you are able to adapt to different business management environments, and effectively plan for your organisation's future.

By teaching you to understand the complexities of business, our courses prepare you for a successful career in a wide range of business functions in industries across the world: from finance and marketing, to HR, business strategy and economics. Success in each area requires a solid knowledge of how businesses work.

Business courses – effective leadership

To ensure a business or public sector organisation flourishes, a huge range of different things must work well together. A broad understanding of the different functions of business is therefore crucial to responding to challenges and opportunities posed by globalisation, changing labour markets, and the shifts in global economics.

By working closely with your business course lecturers, your business skills will be quickly developed through a wide range of teaching methods and different forms of assessment. Whether you want to run your own business or a multinational, this learning experience is the perfect start.

Business courses – jobs

Graduates from the business courses at Abertay can go into any area of business, including the competitive graduate training programmes that fast-track professionals to the top of their industry.

Other options include management positions in important public sector organisations like the NHS, or specialist posts within organisations, such as marketing, human resources management, finance, accounting, business development or business strategy.

Students are offered the opportunity to participate in the European Business Masters Cup in year 2 and 3 and the IBM Universities Business Challenge in year 4. Abertay students have had enormous success in these business simulations in recent years, which show future employers real business skills.

Where will our management courses take you?

Management courses – building businesses

The management training courses at Abertay University will teach you a solid understanding of organisational structure in the public and private sectors, and how to effectively manage small and large organisations. Our students can also specialise in international management, HR, sport and other important areas.

Using the considerable management training experience of our lecturers and building on real-world examples, our management courses teach practical knowledge of management at all levels – from leading small, niche businesses, to running national public agencies or multinational companies.

Management courses – building your career

Our management courses focus explicitly on the skills needed to succeed as a management professional throughout your career, regardless of the wide range of different industries you might work in.

Our students have close contact with our lecturers, and the emphasis on small group learning gives Abertay students more structured, intensive learning, as well as experience of project planning, negotiation and effective leadership.

Management courses – jobs

The careers our management courses lead into are enormously varied, but share a few key similarities: they require passionate, confident leaders, with a solid understanding of how to get the best out of staff, and an ability to deliver major projects on time and on budget.

Studying at Abertay could take you into public or private sector graduate fast-track management schemes, which often take graduates to positions of considerable authority in just a few years. Other possibilities include business support and analysis, or running your own company.