Society is the broad research area where we investigate the complex and rich interactions that people have with each other, between societies and groups, how concepts and ideologies affect each other and our world.

We also examine what the impact of technology is and will be, and what both individual actions and public policies might result in. The field includes Business and Management, Law, Psychology, Sociology, and Sport and Exercise Sciences

Our researchers are carrying out groundbreaking work on the benefits of high-intensity exercise. Others are conducting research into approaches to ethical treatment in our health systems, and one group has received much prominence for work concerning the circumstances surrounding missing children and adults. 

Much of our work in the society theme is interdisciplinary, including the application of science to learning in school classrooms, in which we examine the outcomes of custodial versus community sentencing, and also where we investigate memory development and literacy acquisition in children. 

Comparative studies that we are conducting, such as the evolution of tool use, have forward-looking implications. This of course is a common thread for all of our research in this theme.