The Environment theme combines research in environmental science and engineering, food science and innovation, environmental, sustainable technologies and systems biology. Our work in these areas delivers solutions needed to address contemporary global environmental challenges. 

We have developed model systems to explore how microbes affect biowaste treatment and food production. This modelling also applies to new methods to incorporate sustainability assessment within the decision-making process for urban planning, and to new techniques for pollutant disintegration. 

Our food and drink research explores consumer experiences and preferences. This work takes place in the context of new product development and food processing technologies. 

Our cancer systems biology work integrates experimental data streams and complex systems modelling to unravel the complexities of anti-cancer drug action and drug resistance. The work we do on sustainable urban drainage systems and waste water treatment continues to contribute to engineered solutions to urban pollution, where some of that pollutant can be converted back into useful energy. 

Our Environment theme is underpinned by disciplinary strengths in Science, Food and Drink, the Natural and Built Environment, Accounting, Finance and Economics, Computing and Mathematics.