Creative Industries

Our Creative Industries theme builds on established relationships with some of the world’s leading technology manufacturers, digital content creators and service providers to undertake research and development, knowledge exchange and collaborative content creation.

Our research activity aligns with three broad and overlapping areas. 

Computer Games Research

Recognised as the top University in Europe for Computer Games education, in research we focus on innovation in games development including inventive multiplayer virtual reality experiences, and theoretical and critical understanding of design and development practices. For example, we explore the interface between performance and play, quantify the player experience scientifically, and examine the novel application of play in other contexts, especially in digital security and healthcare. 

Digital Cultures

In Digital Cultures we investigate the application of interactive media in cultural contexts to inform and entertain, and we develop new curatorial, exhibition and archival practices. We also develop innovative ways to engage audiences with the cultural impact of digital technologies, with heritage and preservation research, and with practice-based creative research. 

Digital Living

Our Digital Living strand involves the consideration of the social and economic impact of the digital creative industries. This includes consideration of how new forms of creativity and approaches to product and service innovation have resulted in new social behaviours in online communities, and in new forms of collaborative working.

Creative Industries draws on expertise in Games and Arts, Computing and Mathematics, Business and Management, Sociology and Psychology