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UOA26 – Sports and Exercise Sciences, Leisure and Tourism

Research in sport has developed around 3 central themes and aligns with the University’s Society research theme.  Within sport, there has been growth in the number of postgraduate students and a major investment in the Dundee Academy of Sport. The 3 central themes are:

  • Health and Wellbeing: Research focuses on novel training strategies and dietary supplementation to promote mental and physical wellbeing in ageing, mental illness and people living with chronic conditions.
  • Sports Performance: Research focuses on novel training strategies, dietary supplementation to improve strength and endurance performance and self-regulation in limiting sports performance.
  • Outdoor Activities and Coaching: Research focuses on management of risk, self-identity and interpersonal factors within sport.

Future Strategy

Research will continue to focus on the 3 central themes and within sport we are aiming to develop the following:

  • Align with funding agencies: we will ensure that our research aligns with funding priorities of key stakeholders in sport and exercise science.
  • Research hubs: we will work with outside agencies or third parties which will enable a continued flow of information from researcher to end users.
  • Postgraduate students: we will seek to expand this provision by providing more opportunities for Masters by Research students and PhD students.
  • Dissemination: we will work with the Dundee Academy of Sport to enhance the links between university research and CPD provision to all of those involved in sport.

Case Studies

Case study 1: Coach development and education

This case study examines the impact of a series of research articles on coach-athlete interactions. This research has been used in the development of training courses/educational materials, for example the FUNdamentals courses ran by the Mountaineering Council of Scotland, and for bespoke training sessions such as the Scottish Institute of Sport’s Coaching Matters series. Additionally, it has been disseminated to larger coaching groups as lay summaries/guidelines published in sport specific magazines such as Athletics Weekly and Cycle Coach. The case is made that this research has been widely disseminated and has had discernible impact on sports coaching practices.

Case Study 2: High intensity training

Impact can be evidenced on multiple levels ranging from adding to the public debate on exercise duration and providing information to the sports industry. This includes publication of the findings/applied recommendations of this research in lay magazines (e.g. Men’s Health), books (e.g. The High Intensity Workout Dundee University Press 2012) and television shows (e.g. Horizon). In addition, the research has informed coaches (ice hockey and rugby union) and people working in the fitness industry (personnel trainers), and has contributed to the debate on exercise for health (Scottish Government).