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Theme: Creative Industries

The UK’s growing innovative Creative Industries sector is estimated to be worth £10 million an hour to the economy. Abertay University is part of this growing industry and has an international reputation in computer games and arts education. Research in the Creative Industries theme includes the development of tools and technologies for the next generation of computer games and performance/exhibition spaces, and the use of game technology in scientific computation and visualisation. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the Creative Industries theme, existing projects fuse together the various elements of the Creative Industries sector e.g. art & culture, design, games and music, and interfaces with other areas e.g. HCI and psychophysiological measurements.

The Creative Industries theme at Abertay University builds on established relationships with some of the world’s leading technology manufacturers, digital content creators and service providers to undertake research and development, knowledge exchange and collaborative content creation. We have also hosted international events such as the First Joint International Conference DiGRA and FDG in August 2016.

Our Creative Industries research activity aligns with three broad and overlapping areas: Games Research, Digital Cultures and Digital Living. We are a group of academics and researchers interested in sharing knowledge and developing interesting and innovative research projects. If you are interested in collaborating or undertaking postgraduate studies in these areas, please get in touch with our Graduate School. We have a growing number of postgraduate students working across the research themes:

Games Research encompasses computer games research in the University with a focus on creative and technical innovation in games development, theoretical and critical understanding of design and development practices, player experience and the novel application of play in other contexts.

Digital Cultures research relates to the application of interactive media in cultural contexts to inform and entertain, develop new curatorial, exhibition and archival practices and develop innovative ways to engage audiences with the cultural impact of digital technologies, heritage and preservation research, and practice-based creative research.

Digital Living includes research interests in the social and economic impact of the digital creative industries. New forms of creativity and approaches to product and service innovation have resulted in new social behaviours in online communities and new forms of collaborative working. Digital commerce and online markets have led to the emergence of new business models, marketing strategies, regulatory and business practices.

For general information about the Abertay Creative Industries Theme please contact Dr Ruth Falconer