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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Student Finance Frequently Asked Questions page. A number of the common questions are covered below but if you still can't find the answer to your query please contact us.

Where can I find the Student ID number?

This can be found on your offer letter and is a seven digit number.  e.g. 1701234.

What are the tuition fee payment options?

If you are a student from the UK or EU, you can either pay your tuition fees upfront in full or by instalments.  If you select to pay by instalments, you will be required to set up the payment plan as part of your registration.  International students are required to pay their tuition fees in full prior to registration.

What are the accommodation fee payment options?

Firstly, our residences team will send you an offer of accommodation.  You will then have 14 days to accept this offer either by paying the rental amount in full or by paying the requested pre-payment.  Should you pay the requested pre-payment, you will need to set up a payment plan for the remaining rent (when we advise you to) before you can collect the keys.

What are the instalment dates for tuition/accommodation fee payment plans?

Full details of the payment plans which we offer are available in the Student Debt Management Policy‌.

Will I still be able to set up a payment plan if I have missed the first instalment date?

Yes.  You will have a choice to either pay the missed instalment immediately, or contact the finance department to agree a special arrangement.

Is there a charge for paying by debit or credit card?

There are no charges for opting to pay by instalments, but please note that if you fail to adhere to your payment plan, you may incur late payment charges.  For further information on our credit control process for both tuition and accommodation fees, please refer to the Student Debt Management Policy‌.

Is there a charge for paying by instalments?

There are no charges for opting to pay by instalments, but please note that if you fail to adhere to your payment plan, you may be withdrawn from the University (tuition fees) or evicted from the halls of residence (accommodation fees). 

Why has the payment not been deducted from my bank account on the instalment date?

Payments are processed by us on the instalment date, but take a couple of working days to show on your bank account.  

Can I make an extra payment towards my tuition or accommodation fees?

Yes, but please advise the finance department so that your payment plan can be amended otherwise you may end up overpaying your fees in error.

Can I pay by Direct Debit?

We do not offer this facility.  

I have received an email advising me that my payment has failed.  What should I do?

If it is the first time that you have received the email, please check that (i) your bank card has not expired; and (ii) there are sufficient funds in your account.   If all is in order then please contact your bank to find out why they have declined the transaction and advise the finance department as soon as possible.   If your card has expired, or there are insufficient funds, please rectify this within 5 days of the failed payment as a second attempt will be done automatically after the 5 days.

My card details have changed or expired.  How do I amend them?

You will need to contact SEZ either in person or by telephone on 01382 308833.  They will be able to update your card details instantly.  Please do not email this information for your own financial security.

I do not have sufficient funds to cover the payment due.  What should I do?

If you do not have sufficient funds to meet the instalment and the second payment attempt fails, you will automatically incur a late payment charge.  In order to avoid this, you need to contact the finance department before the second payment attempt with an alternative payment proposal.  If your proposal is agreeable then no charge will be incurred and you plan will be amended.  We will consider all reasonable payment proposals but unreasonable proposals will be rejected.

 Question not answered here?

Please contact the finance department who will provide assistance.

What are the Finance department contact details?

Please contact us by email on