Parent's guide: Accommodation

Parent's guide: Accommodation

How and when to apply?

If you live locally, it’s likely that your child will live at home while they study. But if you live elsewhere, then accommodation needs to be arranged before they arrive.

Most undergraduates coming from other places will want to stay in student halls for their first year. We have four halls and lots of room types - from en suites to doubles, single rooms to bedsits.

As making a choice can be daunting, we have written a guide to choosing your room. The most expensive may not be the best choice in the end.


Coming to visit on an open day is the best way to help them make a choice, or we have a virtual 360 tour of our accommodation if you can’t make that.

We also have a quick guide about our accommodation for parents and carers which may help answer your questions.

and there a lot of FAQs too.



Student accommodation

We have four halls of residence with different types of rooms.

The rent depends on the room they choose, length of the lease and the hall they decide to live in.

Roughly speaking, rent is between £80-£117 per week (2020 prices). This also covers wifi, heating, electricity and gas. See the full list of Abertay Student rent costs here.

Applying for student accommodation is quite complicated, so we have lots of help here to show you and them how to do it. 

They will be asked to make five room choices in order of preference with number one being the first choice. See all our rooms on the Student Accommodation page.

Here's an in-depth guide about how and when to apply for Abertay Student Accommodation.

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Living at home v moving out

Many new students want to move into student accommodation during their time at university, even if they can live at home. But it really depends if you and they can afford it. Living at home can be a significant money saver. 

It’s not just about finances. Many will want to move out, and as they are making that step into adulthood, it can be a good idea. There are pros and cons on both sides, and it is important to think about what might be best for both of you.

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Private Renting

If you live outside Dundee, we strongly recommend that your child try living in student accommodation for the first year. That way they can get to know other people, learn about the city and the kind of living environment they prefer. Some people like house sharing, some prefer to live alone. Often they won’t know that until they’ve tried it.

We can’t help your child rent a room or a flat (apartment). But there is a lot of sites out there to help them decide on the pros and cons of sharing v living alone, student accommodation v private renting.

The Student Room has a lot of forums devoted to accommodation

The good news is that Dundee is a relatively cheap city to live in, and rents can be reasonable depending on what they want and where they want to live.

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