Ross McDonald

Ross's firm aims to provide laboratory standard exercise protocols to people across Dundee and Angus.

BSc (Hons) Sport and Psychology, 2018

What is HIIT (high intensity interval training) and what does it involve?

It’s five to ten minutes on a bike where you sprint then rest and sprint then rest - that’s the essence of it. There are so many variables that we can change up for each individual. For example, there’s a set resistance on each bike and we can personalise that and make sure it’s at the right level for them. There are things like how long they sprint for and how long they rest for. That’s all changeable depending on the goals and current fitness level of that individual.

How did your degree help shape what you do now?

It shaped my whole career path actually. When I started University I wanted to be a Sport Psychologist. I then learned a lot from Dr John Babraj about physiology. I was really interested in the HIIT and actually took part in a study about it by a PhD student. I found the way it affected me really surprising.

I was shocked at how much of a workout you can actually get in that 5 minute time frame.

It made me think that it was worth giving this opportunity to as many people as possible.

My Abertay degree helped shape my whole career path.
Ross McDonald | HIIT IT Ltd | Director

Was it daunting to set up your own business?

Yes, but it made sense to me. I’ve always wanted to start my own business before any other commitments came along in my life.

Did anyone at the university have a lasting impact on you?

All staff at the university were excellent, but I mentioned Dr John Babraj earlier and he’s been really helpful. He’s continued to be a support for me even now.

From time to time I’ll speak to John and run an idea past him. He’ll tell me whether or not I’m talking nonsense! John’s been great and was probably the main person who inspired me at Abertay.

Do you have any advice for our current students?

I know it goes against the typical student lifestyle, but really commit to the learning process. It’s hard because a lot of students are coming straight from school but if you go over and above what’s expected of you it’s absolutely worth it.


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