Kieran McGurk

Kieran is a Mental Health Nurse at Murray Royal Hospital.

"I really managed to build up my skillset before I even got started."
Kieran McGurk | Murray Royal Hospital | Mental Health Nurse

The lecturers were very supportive. They helped with any difficulties we had. I was really fortunate with the placements I had, they were all really good. I was in a good mix of wards. I’ve been in forensics, I’ve been in old age and both acute and rehabilitation. I really managed to build up my skillset before I even got started. Quite a lot of the modules at the university helped me develop useful skills - that was helpful too.

To be a nurse, you have to be pretty dedicated, that’s the main thing. It’s a lot of hard work to do a nursing degree. Even after that you have to be committed and constantly looking to develop. Nursing is constantly changing so you have to be constantly learning. It can be very rewarding too though. We do have people move on who end up doing really well. They’ve been able to return home and we’ve seen a real change from when we first met them.

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