Steven Taarland

How important was your time in Abertay in helping you pursue your career?

Studying at Abertay helped to start my career in a number of different ways - from learning the basic skills required to work as a programmer to networking opportunities with potential employers and other members of the game industry. I gained key skills in learning how game development works, about a game's lifecycle and how to work in teams.


What does your current job involve?

I work as a Junior Programmer at Tag Games. My job varies from day to day and from project to project. Working on mobile games at a reasonably small studio means one day I could be working on UI for a game and the next it could be systems for the game. It is generally really diverse.

We recently launched Angry Birds Action! which I had the pleasure of working on briefly, adding visual effects to the game. In addition to working at Tag Games, I also develop my own games as part of Insert Imagination. This has offered me the opportunity to travel to different events and showcases across Scotland and the UK, as well as being able to attend GDC 2016 in San Francisco.


What was your most memorable moment as a student?

Finding out I was going to take part in Dare to be Digital with Insert Imagination. Fourth year was very difficult, so at that point it was so overwhelming to discover lots of my friends and I had got into the competition


What is your lasting impression of Dundee and Abertay?

Dundee is such a fun, diverse, and upcoming city. I’m so glad I moved from England to Scotland to study here. Abertay is a clear leader in its Games Development courses, and I’m sure this will continue for years to come.