Marta Ibanez

How important was your Abertay degree in helping you pursue your career?

Attaining a Master’s degree at Abertay was crucial in kick-starting my career in the UK. It provided me with an in-depth knowledge of the UK’s environmental, sustainability and water management legislation, particularly in Scotland.

This has given me the confidence to seek a career in the UK. The technical knowledge and skills that I acquired were not the only benefit from my time at Abertay - the emphasis on group work and meeting external stakeholders provided me with many opportunities to network more widely with the environmental fraternity.

One of the main reasons why I decided to study at Abertay was because of the reputation of the Urban Water Technology Centre (UWTC). The UWTC has a wide breadth of specialists from a number of water management backgrounds who are involved in cutting edge research projects. These same experts share their research through lecturing on the Masters course.


What does your current job involve?

I currently work as an Environmental Advisor with BEAR Scotland; the largest Trunk Road Network Operating Company in Scotland.

My role is to support road design teams to ensure projects meet environmental legislative requirements. I am also tasked with ensuring that when projects move to the construction phase, they deliver best practice on site. On a daily basis, I deal with internal and external stakeholders, undertake environmental appraisals and deliver technical reports.


What is your lasting impression of Abertay and Dundee?

After finishing my studies, I moved to Glasgow and I clearly remember my last day in Dundee. It was a sunny August day (it is called the sunniest city in Scotland for a reason) and I visited my favourite spots while thinking "thank you Abertay and Dundee for the warm welcome, for all the opportunities that were made available to me, for making me a more considerate person and helping me learn the Dundonian dialect (a skill that should be cited in your CV)." I will always have a home on the east coast of Scotland.


Do you have any advice for students?

Use every opportunity that Abertay makes available to you. Don't be afraid to create your own opportunities either as I am confident that Abertay University would support them if possible.

Students frequently get bogged down in the delivery of reports and during exams, they tend to forget what the University can offer more widely.

The Student Services department at Abertay are always available and provide an excellent service therefore do not be afraid to access their resources. I would also encourage students to seek advice from lecturers about opportunities to attend conferences etc. I would also recommend that students join a club as this will allow them to makes friends more easily. I joined the Abertay Debating Society.