Dan Mosca

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What does your current job involve?

I currently work as a Consulting Analyst for PA Consulting Group. I am part of management consultancy team that provides comprehensive cyber security assessments and engineering services to major Oil & Gas companies globally, and I work both on land and offshore.

Life offshore is a fantastic experience, especially in a cyber role. In the world of Operation Technology (OT) security you protect physical assets, equipment and most importantly life, where as in Informational Technology (IT) security you protect information.

When working offshore you conform to the client’s operational hours which are 6am to 6pm or reverse if you are on night shift. You work 7 days a week as offshore life runs 24 hrs a day 365 days a year, but on the upside you get fed 6 times a day (in one shift that is) and take a helicopter ride to work.

The majority of assets all have spacious living recreational rooms and the rooms sleep 4. From time to time during the day marine life like seals, dolphins and even whales can be seen. I have worked on a variety of fixed installations, FPSO's, Dive Support Vessels and onshore refineries. When working onshore I am either in the office suited and booted or on client site wearing bright orange overalls.


What was your most memorable moment as a student?

I have had too many memorable moments as a student to choose from, but one that stands out from the rest was when I walked onto the stage at my graduation ceremony. I had such a great inside feeling after completing my degree.


What is your lasting impression of Abertay and Dundee?

A University that gives its students the chance to really make a lasting impression on their development and skillset in a wonderful city steeped in culture.


Do you have any advice for students coming to Abertay?

Find the right balance between study and social life, use all the extracurricular activities and society/sport opportunities the university provide and most of all, enjoy it!