Andrea Tucci | Meet Our Alumni | Abertay University

Andrea Tucci

What does your current job involve?

While finishing my studies I was offered an Internship position at Ubisoft Milan, working on Ghost Recon: Wildands. I spent the last part of my Masters working on a triple-A game and that was amazing.

I am still working at Ubisoft as a Junior Gameplay Programmer. The project I'm working on is a massive open-world game, heavily characterised by a systemic gameplay and autonomous environments. As the job title suggests, I develop the gameplay of the game - what the game "feels" like to the player.


What was your most memorable moment as a student?

The best moment as a student was the Global Game Jam at Abertay, which I did with my peers. Creating a game in 48 hours with new people was both very exciting and challenging. It is one area that proves Abertay is not only about education, but also about participation, passion and sharing.


How important was your Abertay degree in helping you to pursue your career?

My Abertay degree was fundamental for my Game Developer career: it shaped my computer science knowledge with game-specific concepts and it gave me the chance to create a rich portfolio working in teams with other developers.