Amrita Bharij

How important was your Abertay degree in helping you pursue your career?

Studying Computer Arts at Abertay was fantastic. There was a huge variety of modules on the syllabus that really helped shape up my career, such as Interaction Design, Animation, 2D and 3D Art and Sound Design. There were some really valuable opportunities there.

I received a scholarship to work at STV over a summer and learned a lot within their graphics department. I also participated in Dare to be Digital, where I worked with a team to create a playable demo in ten weeks. These opportunities opened doors for me to work at BBC Scotland and then Electronic Arts.


What are your lasting impressions of Abertay and Dundee?

It's a really creative environment with great facilities and connections within the games industry. The facilities seem to keep getting better and better. Dundee is a great small city and I had a lot of fun living there!


Do you have any advice for students?

Work hard and keep motivated. It takes time to develop skills and you can never stop learning. While you're studying, keep experimenting with projects and never be too precious with one idea because the creative process is always moving.

Always seek advice and share your knowledge too because team work is essential. As it’s not always easy to get a great job straight away, look for internships opportunities and competitions, such as Dare to be Digital.

As well as your specialised degree, try to create stuff in your spare time. Work together with your friends on small projects to get practice in. Set yourself small goals, but always have your overall goal in mind. Being creative is fun, so enjoy it!