Meet Our Alumni

A photo of Joe Rice sitting in the stands at Tannadice

Joe Rice

Joe is Head of Communications at Dundee Utd.

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A photo of Patrick Murray in a red shirt

Patrick Murray

As a Lab Manager for VWR, Patrick develops cancer treatments.

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A photo of Steve Taylor with his arms folded

Steve Taylor

Steve is a Partner at Murray Taylor Accountants.

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A picture of Hannah Reyes smiling

Hannah Reyes

Hannah travels the world to manage her clients's online advertising with Google ...

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A photo of Iain McNicol smiling

Iain McNicol

Member of the House of Lords and former General Secretary of the Labour Party

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A photo of Joe Fitzpatrick sitting down

Joe Fitzpatrick

BSc (Hons) Biotechnology, 1996

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A photo of Maoye Cao sitting on a chair

Maoye Cao

Maoye is an Overseas Business Development Manager for Shanghai Aiyang Ge Busines...

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A photo of Amelie Mariage

Amélie Mariage

Named as one of Forbes 30 under 30 social entrepreneurs in 2016.

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Catherine Robertson

Catherine Robertson

Catherine co-owns Robertson Collaborate Marketing Consultancy in Dundee.

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A picture of Frank and Andrea Gremme smiling

Frank and Andrea Gremme

The only constant in business is change and studying abroad offered German coupl...

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A photo of Gordon Robertson at Edinburgh Airport

Gordon Robertson

Gordon loves his job as Director of Communications at Edinburgh Airport

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A picture of Jenny Robertson standing outside The Ecology Centre.

Jenny Robertson

Marketing Manager of the Ecology Centre, Jenny came to Abertay when it had just ...

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Steven Traynor in a suit standing in front of Abertay University's Kydd building

Steven Traynor

Steven's team is responsible for delivering a Construction Framework worth almos...

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A photo of Graham Lawson smiling with his arms folded. He's standing in front of a white door.

Graham Lawson

Graeme is a Senior Engineer for housing developer, Persimmon Homes.

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A picture of Lynne Short in the City Chambers

Lynne Short

BA Commerce, 1990

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A picture of Amrita Bharij smiling

Amrita Bharij

Amrita focuses on creating a great player experience in Triple-A games at Rockst...

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A photo of Jess Hider wearing a sea captain's hat.

Jess Hider

Jess has worked with legendary franchises like Mario and now works at iconic gam...

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A photo of Abbie Smeaton smiling

Abbie Smeaton

Abbie works at SEO company Verve Search as a Junior Designer.

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A picture of Steven Taarland

Steven Taarland

Co-Founder of the Rainbow Jam, Steven helps to celebrate and promote LGBT+ theme...

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A picture of Tom Goodchild smiling

Tom Goodchild

Tom's set up his own indie company, Ice Beam games.

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A photo of Adam Hastings with his arms folded standing outside Abertay

Adam Hastings (aka Irving Garrett)

Research Assistant and Wrestler

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A picture of Stephanie Bayzeley by the logo for the game Monstrum

Stephanie Bazeley

Stephanie talks about her work on hit horror game Monstrum.

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A picture of Rejosh Samuel on graduation day

Rejosh Samuel

From Abertay to Canada, Rejosh works as a Game Developer for Pong Studios in Tor...

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A photo of Kieran Nee in a Mediatonic t-shirt

Kieran Nee

The Movies, Fable II, Fable III - Kieran worked on all three games and is now Le...

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A picture of Drew Buddie in a Captain America outfit delivering a presentation

Drew Buddie (aka Digital Maverick)

Drew has built up a large online following, he’s also Head of Computing at Bramp...

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A photo of Stewart Hosie playing Dare winning game Kinoko

Stewart Hosie

Dundee East MP Stewart Hosie chats with us about his time here.

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A picture of Fraser Patullo standing in front of the Tay

Fraser Patullo

Fraser is Director of Engineering at Cherwell Software.

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Black and white photograph of a man smiling

David Hamilton

Ninja Kiwi's Executive Vice President shares his journey from Abertay to over 10...

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A picture of Stephen Annis at Abertay University

Stephen Annis

Stephen is a Trainee Solicitor at Blackadders.

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A picture of Pasi Pitkanen holding a stuffed toy of a pig from the game Angry Birds

Pasi Pitkänen

Pasi is Head of the Audio Department at Rovio Entertainment where he works on to...

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A picture of Lesley Brennan smiling

Lesley Brennan

Lesley is Chief of Staff to Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard.

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A photo of Ciaran Gallagher on a boat.

Ciaran Gallagher

Ciaran travels all over the world as a Technical Consultant at Appirio.

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A picture of Grant Douglas in a kilt on his wedding day

Grant Douglas

One of the top iOS Apple iPhone security workers at Synopsys

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A picture of Dan Mosca

Dan Mosca

Getting a helicopter to work - discover what life offshore is like for a Consult...

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A picture of Rebecca Fitchet in front of a field of strawberries

Rebecca Fitchet

Rebecca is a Technologist at Angus Soft Fruits, one of the biggest companies res...

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A picture of Linzi Brechin holding a glass of champagne with the view of a large city behind her.

Linzi Brechin

The job where Christmas comes in July - Linzi works as an Assistant Editor of th...

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A picture of Scott Mitchell smiling.

Scott Mitchell

Scott was our longest serving Ethical Hacking student.

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A picture of Samuel Ceolin wearing a hairnet and apron at Scott Brothers Butcher

Samuel Ceolin

BSc (Hons) Food and Consumer Sciences, 2016

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A photo of Madison House on graduation day

Madison House

Madison works as a Specifications Officer and Hazard Analysis Critical Control P...

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A picture of Karim Abu Nour Dettori on graduation day

Karim Abu Nour Dettori

Kasim is a Graduate Product Development Scientist at Vascutek where he manufactu...

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A picture of Arran Topalian smiling

Arran Topalian

Arran changed his career goals from history teacher to computer games designer. ...

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Three males chatting

Simon Patterson

Working for the largest motorcycle publication in the world means travelling all...

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A picture of Eilidh MacLeod standing with her hands in her pockets.

Eilidh Macleod

Eilidh works as a Games Designer at Fortitude Games.

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A photo of Natalie Clayton in front of a microphone

Natalie Clayton

Taking part in a TEDx event on campus helped Natalie's career fall into place.

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Graduate standing in the Centre For Excellence

Lili Liu

Lili was one of the first students to graduate from our partnership with Perfect...

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Isabella Wang smiling

Isabella Wang

Isabella's Abertay degree gave her a significant edge in the job market in China...

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A photo of Roz Tippett standing by a river

Roz Tippett

Roz is the HR Coordinator at The James Hutton Institute.

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A photo of Constantin Bedrule in front of the V&A Museum in Dundee

Constantin Bedrule

Constantin is a Paralegal within Digby Brown’s Dundee General Personal Injury Li...

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A picture of Barry Fitzpatrick holding a puppy

Barry Fitzpatrick

Barry runs his own business consultancy firm, 80/37 Business Solutions.

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A picture of Kate White. She's wearing a white jumper and is looking happy.

Kate White

Kate works in a specialised dementia unit caring for people with dementia who di...

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A photo of Kieran McGurk standing by a river

Kieran McGurk

Kieran is a Mental Health Nurse at Murray Royal Hospital.

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A picture of Andy Campbell sitting in an office

Andy Campbell

Andy is a Marketing Executive for Henderson Loggie Chartered Accountants.

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A photo of Leah Godfrey smiling

Leah Hosie

MbR Mental Health Nursing, 2018/BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing, 2014

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A picture of Pamela Davidson outside Abertay University

Pamela Davidson

Pamela is a Lead Nurse in Infection Prevention and Control.

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A photo of Colin Baptie in an office at his work

Colin Baptie

Colin manages a team of nurses that provide healthcare input to people who’ve be...

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A photo of Rosamond Rohde smiling

Rosamond Rohde

Rosamond works at one of the world’s most respected centres devoted exclusively ...

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Shadrach Toroitich

Shadrach is a Senior Internal Auditor at Kabarak University.

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A picture of Alison Chapman standing beside a swimming pool.

Alison Chapman

Alison works with pupils with autism at the New England Centre for Children in A...

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A photo of Michael King training

Dr Michael King

Michael worked for the Scottish Football Association before getting his position...

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A picture of Louise Johnstone smiling.

Louise Johnstone

Personal trainer Louise took part in The Principals Award and the Abertay Mentor...

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A photo of Evie Dalrymple smiling

Evie Dalrymple

Evie works as a Prison Psychologist at the Scottish Prison Service.

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A photo of Suzanne Scott in her studio, surrounded by her art.

Suzanne Scott (aka WhimSicAL LusH)

Local artist and illustrator Suzanne has worked on the Maggie's Penguin Parade.

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Close up of male smiling

Bela Havasreti

Bela investigates financial fraud as an Analyst for Deloitte Poland.

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A picture of Pauline Mack smiling.

Pauline Mack

Pauline created over 100 e-learning resources in her first year at Rexel alone.

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A photo of Ursa Klobucar. She's wearing glasses and a cream coloured top.

Ursa Klobucar

Ursa assists Clinical Psychologists as an Assistant Psychologist for NHS Tayside...

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A photo of Nikolay Panayotov in Abertay University library, in front of bookshelves

Nikolay Panayotov

Nikolay is now a researcher at Abertay University.

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Graduate headshot against a white background

Catherine Law

Catherine has attained a Fulbright scholarship to study in the University of Sou...

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A photo of David Proctor in a shirt

David Proctor

David realised journalism was the right pathway for him during his time at unive...

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A picture of Debbi McCullock in her Spartans coaching outfit.

Debbi McCulloch

Debbi rose up from groundsman to Business and Operations Manager at Spartans Aca...

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A photo of Paul Brand in Manchester United kit holding a trophy

Paul Brand

Paul landed his dream job as Head of First Team Analysis at Manchester United.

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A picture of Mark Williams holding a football

Mark Williams

Mark is Chief Operations Officer at the Denis Law Legacy Trust, which puts on a ...

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A picture of Graeme Duncan in an Active Schools tracksuit

Graeme Duncan

As an Active Schools Co-ordinator, Graeme helps to get children more physically ...

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A photo of Katie Reid smiling

Katie Reid

Katie's golf app that she created with fellow alum, Chris Low, won the Sports In...

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A photo of Jayson Alexander in the DC Thomson reception

Jayson Alexander

Jayson is a Multi Media Sales Executive for DC Thomson.

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A picture of Dan Jefferson at the Institute of Sport

Dan Jefferson

Dan helps to coach top-level athletes as a Physical Preparation Coach.

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A photo of Airlie Beveridge smiling

Airlie Beveridge

Airlie runs a sport injury clinic and works with the local ice hockey team, Dund...

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A photo of Lewis Melee at a charity launch

Lewis Melee

Lewis is a Community Manager at Dundee FC

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A photo of Ali Abou El Nasr delivering a presentation

Ali Abou El Nasr

Co-founder of Blind Football Egypt and Find Me Football

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A photo of Katie Robertson on the hockey field, carrying a hockey stick.

Katie Robertson

Katie represented Team Scotland in hockey at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold ...

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A picture of Ross McDonald at graduation

Ross McDonald

Ross's firm aims to provide laboratory standard exercise protocols to people acr...

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A photo of Michael Malone sat in the stands at Tannadice

Dr Michael Malone

Michael works with a wide range of people in the community as Project Manager fo...

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Tatenda in a brightly coloured shirt with weights at the gym, looking happy

Tatenda Nyatsanza

Health and Fitness Lecturer, Tatenda also works for the Equality Network.

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Kathryn Main standing beside a tram in Edinburgh with the CR Smith logo on it

Kathryn Main

Kathryn mixes design and marketing as a Marketing Executive at CR Smith.

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A photo of Scott Mill with his arms folded

Scott Mill

From getting stuck in a lift dressed as a Scottish Rugby Mascot, to working as a...

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Aaron Quinn

An IT Business Analysis Manager in one of the largest privately owned veterinary...

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A picture of Matt McNally smiling.

Matt McNally

Matt switched courses to find the right path for him.

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Fraser on a golf course with mountains in the background and a golf club in his hands

Fraser Hutchison

MbR Sport and Exercise, 2018

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Nicole wearing a grey hoodie with glasses on top of her hair, looking happy

Nicole Sangster

In the wonderful new V&A Dundee, Nicole promotes the museum to the world

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Woman smiling next to the European flag

Zoe Dingwall

Zoe is a Political Adviser on Brexit and Economic Affairs Committee at the Europ...

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Nicola Robson

Graduating in 2016, Nicola's now a fully-fledged Specialist Biomedical Scientist...

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