Eilidh Brown

BA (Hons) Computer Arts, Class of 2020

Graduate profile

How are you feeling now that your time at Abertay is coming to an end?

It’s a very weird feeling, especially considering the abrupt ending to my time at Abertay, it doesn’t feel like everything has rounded off as it should have been. It’s sad that the last goodbyes to our lectures have been through Teams or Skype calls. But on the positive side of things, I feel like the advice and support I have received throughout my time at Abertay has made sure that I am ready to move on.

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Eilidh Brown, BA (Hons) Computer Arts

Why did you decide to study at Abertay?

It was thanks to my dad that I ended up at Abertay. When leaving high school, I was stuck between wanting to do something practical like engineering, or some form of creative digital arts. My dad was aware of Abertay and suggested that I apply for the Computer Arts course. I then attended an Offer Holder Day and that’s what made me make up my mind. I liked the wide range of digital skills that the Computer Arts course offered, as I had no idea which area of digital arts I wanted to pursue. I just knew I liked animated films and video games!

You were part of the first ever online Abertay Digital Graduate Show, what was that like?

After the sad but expected cancellation of the traditional Abertay Digital Graduate Show, we were all glad to hear that an online version would be taking place instead, so we still had the opportunity to showcase and celebrate elements of our work from the last year. When Clare, the organiser of ADGS, approached me about being part of the opening of ADGS, I was thrilled! It was awesome to have the opportunity to present and discuss my honours work as part of the launch event.

What’s your long term ambition?

I’ve never been one to set major life goals, I like to say that my main aim with any work or project I am part of in the future is to create something that could inspire others. Ever since I was young, I’d watch movies and play games and always feel amazed and curious as to how they’re made. I’d actively search for behind the scenes features. I would like to be part of something that would inspire someone else to do the same. It would also be nice to get my name in the credits of something cool!

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