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General help / Technical help

For more information about accessibility, please click here or on the 'Accessibility help' link at the top of each page.

To see our main page banner and other Flash content, please download the latest version of Flash.

General help

How do I know where I am in the site?

The black bar that runs across the screen – just below the main picture – shows you our website’s main sections. The section you have selected will show in red in this bar.

Underneath this is a short explanation of where the page you are currently on lives in our site. For instance, Applying to Abertay>Overseas students>English language help. All parts of this description are also links, allowing you to easily move around.

The structure of the section of the website you are currently in shows on the left of the page. This lists the different sub-section options that are available (which are each marked with a red arrow that looks like >). Clicking on one of these options will open up more options, but the page you are in will always be highlighted with a red bar.

How can I move around the site?

There are several different ways to move around Abertay University's website, which was designed for ease of access. The black bar that runs across the screen contains the section headings, which can all be clicked on.

The selected section will also be displayed on the left of the page, allowing you to click on the different sub-headings, which will reveal any further sub-pages. We have also prepared a sitemap and A-Z guide to allow you access comprehensive information on all the pages in our site, and a search bar at the top of the screen to find just what you’re looking for.

Alternative formats for reading information

Alternative formats of all guides and publications on this site are available on request from:

IT Helpdesk
Information Services
Abertay University, Bell Street, Dundee, Scotland DD1 1HG

Tel: 01382 308 888


Technical help

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Which browsers can I use to access

For the best results when using the website the following minimum browsers are recommended:


  • Internet Explorer for Windows (versions 6.0 and above)
  • Firefox (versions 2.0 and above)
  • Opera (versions 8.0 and above)
  • Safari (versions 4 and above)
  • Google Chrome (version 1 and above)

Upgrading your browser

The Browse Happy website shows you what alternatives you have, and how to upgrade. The w3schools website shows browser statistics and trends over the last few years.

What if I don't have one of the recommended browsers?

This website has been designed to support as wide a variety of browser and operating system combinations as possible.

If you are using an older browser, including Internet Explorer 6.0, we recommend that you upgrade to a more modern, more secure browser, such as Mozilla Firefox. This will ensure that you can display the site as designed, and experience the best experience of using the website. If you would like to update your browser, you can download a new version by following the links below.

Which screen resolution should I use for displaying

The recommended minimum display settings for the pages are 1024x768. For information on adjusting the display resolution try the help files of your operating system or consult the manufacturer's website.

How can I display your prospectus and other PDF documents?

In order to view some of the prospectus pages and other selected documents on the site, you will need to have Adobe Reader installed. Please visit the Adobe website where you can download the reader.

How do I get the Flash video to display in my browser?

In order to get Flash content displaying in your browser you will need to download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.