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It promises to be a showcase of exciting, innovative and creative work... yes, the Abertay Digital Graduate Show is here! Running from May 5-9 and taking over all five floors of the Abertay University Student Centre, the ADGS is not to be missed.


Everyone is welcome to come along and see the amazing work of more than 170 final year students. In what is a unique blend of digital art, computer games, cyber security innovation and more, this year marks the BIGGEST EVER Abertay Digital Graduate Show and comes as the University marks two decades of games education. And what a fantastic programme of events we have. From concept art linked to a device that turns mobile phones into a virtual reality handset, to software that can transmit from space and a chillingly realistic AAA game that sees players escape from a creepy locked room, there's so much to experience.

ADGS also acts as a launch event for Dundee's Ignite Festival, which shines a spotlight on culture across the city. But we won't just be showcasing the amazing work of our students - a series of events are also planned for families to enjoy, including paper craft design sessions, Raspberry Pi computing, making sound effects for games, as well as animation and comic design classes. Schoolchildren will also attend quick fire talks and explore the student show.

"There are so many skills that you learn for the wider digital industry. "

Sophie North

Computer Arts

"I chose Abertay because it was so prestigious and I knew it was the place to come. "

Gordon Thompson

Game Design and Production Management


Sophie North, Computer Arts

Visually stunning concept art viewed through a cardboard device that turns a mobile phone into a Virtual Reality (VR) headset will be part of Sophie North's Abertay Digital Graduate Show submission.

The digital artist from Mansfield, near Nottingham - who is currently working as art director on a project with Disney - is investigating VR design production pipelines as part of her final year dissertation.

Using Google Cardboard headsets, members of the public attending ADGS will step into an eerie virtual swamp world created from scratch by the 23-year-old.

'It's a swamp scene environment and the story revolves around a scientist who has been looking for a swamp giant,' Sophie explained.

'You can put on this cardboard headset, slot in your phone, and be able to see a digital painting all the way round.'

'This is something that everyone can access and it's basically turning your mobile into a VR machine.'

'My honours project was concept art for VR, so I'm looking into the process of visualising and producing that, and how it fits into the industry pipeline.'

When selecting a university, Sophie had a number of unconditional offers but chose Abertay due to its Creative Skillset accreditation and friendly atmosphere at the Open Days she attended.

'In essence my course is a digital arts course, so while there's sometimes a perception that Abertay is focused on games, there are so many skills that you learn for the wider digital industry.'

'The great thing about Abertay is that you get to work with other people across so many different departments, so rather than working on your own in isolation you get experience working with programmers, sound guys and developers, meaning you are a lot more practised in an industry environment by the end of it.'


Gordon Thompson, Game Design and Production Management

There's knowing your career path and then there's Abertay student Gordon Thompson!

Ever since he was six-years-old and sneaking into his big brother's room to play Rayman, Gordon has dreamed of becoming a level designer for multi-national giant Ubisoft, the creator of some of the most famous franchises on the planet.

Fast-forward 18 years and the 24-year-old from Forfar is now preparing to exhibit his stunning level design projects Repent, Last Call and Broken Vanguard at the Abertay Digital Graduate Show, in the hope of catching the attention of the massive corporation.

'I've always been interested in games ever since I was small, and have always dreamt about getting a job at Ubisoft - it is why I pursued games studies,' Gordon said.

'I love Ubisoft games, their culture, their methodology and the amount of talented people they have in each studio, each person is pivotal to the process and that is what I admire.'

Gordon came to Abertay to be at 'one of the best universities in the world for games courses' but also because it is close to his home town.

'I'm more of an art minded person, so Abertay is perfect,' Gordon said.

'The experience you get here is incredible. It's just a generally a great atmosphere and I chose Abertay because it was so prestigious and I knew it was the place to come.'

'My main project is a bit of a contrast between the differences in games, what tools they use and the components of how a games is made.'

Repent is one of three games Gordon has been working on with his student team members, Gerard Lavery and Connor Digney.

To help celebrate 20 Years of Games at Abertay, a special Game Changers exhibition will also take place, paying tribute to a diverse selection of graduates who have made an impact on the computer games industry both in the UK and internationally. A game-themed PechaKucha evening will run on Saturday May 6. To book click here.


Clare Brennan, ADGS lead and Abertay curator, said: 'This is the biggest ADGS we have ever staged and students, academics and staff are all working hard to make sure it is an event to remember. Many of our graduates are operating at the cutting edge of the digital world and no other exhibition captures the unique mix of art and technology created here at Abertay'

The public launch will take place on Friday May 5, from 6-9pm.


The Abertay Digital Graduate Show continues from:


Saturday May 6 and Sunday May 7, from 12pm to 4pm

Monday May 8 and Tuesday May 9, from 10am to 3pm

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