Brexit Workshop: New Gold Dream?

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19 Feb - 19 Feb 2018




Events Area, Bell St, Dundee, DD1 1HG


Dundee Business School
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Speaker: John Walmsley

Synopsis of Session 1 Presentation

John will discuss the current status of Brexit with specific reference to impact it may have for Scotland. Brexit continues to dominate the headlines with the UK Government negotiating not just with the EU but facing splits within the cabinet over the type of Brexit and the so – called ‘Red Lines’.

  • Brexit - Where are we now?
  • The Joint Report of 8th December 2017
  • The European Union (Withdrawal) or ‘Brexit’ Bill
  • Citizens' rights
  • The Irish and Scottish questions
  • Future trade negotiations
  • Post – Brexit models
  • WTO rules, customs, tariffs and trade deals
  • Is the transition or implementation period a ‘done deal’?
  • Legal considerations for contracts
  • What will be the future role of The ECJ?
  • How is business to plan and cope with the challenges ahead?
  • How is business likely to be impacted throughout the UK?
  • The longest suicide note in history or a huge opportunity for future growth, prosperity and self - determination?

Session 2 Workshop

  1. Sewel, consent and 'full alignment' - Can Scotland make a strong case for single market membership?
  2. Your risk management plan in case of a no deal or a bad deal?


John is a commercial lawyer specialising in dispute resolution with a particular interest in insurance, reinsurance and construction. John trained, qualified and worked at a City firm for ten years and also worked briefly with a large regional firm. John set up his own firm in 2006 and works with 4 consultants offering commercial legal services to SME’s and private clients. John’s clients are both domestic and international and he has a particular interest in Russia.

John has recently spoken at CIMA and ICAEW events on Brexit.

Twitter account: @JohnWalmsley68


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Event details

Event Date

19 Feb - 19 Feb 2018




Abertay University


Events Area, Bell St, Dundee, DD1 1HG
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