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White Space


White Space - what does this mean?

White Space is a unique knowledge environment for our students, staff and local businesses. We have invested £2.5 million in developing White Space on the ground floor of our main building, and our long-term aim is to convert the whole University in the same way.

White Space opened in 2007 and already is a thriving hub of activity, mixing the talents of Computer Arts students, PhD students, lecturers, together with business people, broadcasters and artists. The White Space concept surrounds our students with  the buzz of a real working environment, allowing them to share real-world knowledge and experience.

Tutorials and lectures also take place here, which encourages lively discussions in the relaxation area with fellow students and staff afterwards.

White Space is a learning environment and creative incubator like no other, one that will give you the edge in the global knowledge economy when you graduate from Abertay.

Work within, across and between disciplines

White Space is about creating a set of essential, personalised assets and including their development in all of our programmes, so that they build your confidence and help get you a better job in the real world. These assets include creativity, the ability to work in teams, the ability to work within, across and between disciplines, an understanding of the limits of knowledge and the significance of research, enterprise and entrepreneurship, and an ability to make correct and ethical decisions in the absence of all relevant facts. Essentially, we will make sure that you know how to direct your own learning so that you can be successful.

Open, flexible working spaces

Abertay has developed ways of teaching that focus on building these general skills alongside the subject-specific knowledge to support your career and life objectives. White Space thinking is also reflected in the way that we are approaching our future estates development, and our research and enterprise centres have led the way in creating open, flexible work areas with the minimum of rules for how they are used. Essentially White Space is a creative learning and working environment that will shape the way the University develops.

What's in White Space?

You can read all about what to find in White Space in the page.