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Hannah Maclure Centre

What happens in the HMC?

The Hannah Maclure Centre (HMC) provides a platform for academics, creatives, and students to collaborate on interdisciplinary projects creating valuable opportunities to develop research, generate new knowledge and engage diverse audiences. The space serves as a doorway through which the University community can engage with the public, creating an open environment where the research and culture of Abertay can be shared and shaped by interactions with local, national and international audiences.

Driving the core programme is Digital Culture, enriched by Abertay’s world-leading success in the areas of computer games, digital media and computer arts education. Through our rich and vibrant programme we encourage unique inter-disciplinary collaborations within this field and also with other art forms, research areas, industry partners and cultural realms, exploring ways in which media arts, games and other digital interactivity can communicate diverse and wide-reaching concepts.

Our cultural programme is motivated by the powerful nature of creativity and the arts to communicate and engage the public in an accessible and inclusive way.

Next Up


All watched over by machines of loving grace

Fri 11 Nov 2016  – Friday 24 February 2017

Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm

Miyu Hayashi   /   Ruth Kerr   /      Willy Lemaitre   /   Tom Sherman  /   Steina Vasulka

All watched over by machines of loving grace asks if machines are now recognising and understanding the spaces they inhabit. NEoN’s festival theme. ‘The Spaces We’re In’, questions the differences between virtual and physical space, but are machines and digital technologies programmed to also understand those differences? The selected works of art in this group exhibition show us space from the machine's point of view.

A group show as part of NEoN Digital Arts Festival. Further info and full programme:


The cinema and performance space is a busy, multi-functional facility and is well used by the university community as well as external clients to screen films, hold symposiums or meetings, and host performances. The auditorium seats a maximum of 72 people, has wheelchair access and hydraulic seating that can be pushed back, allowing the space to also host performance-based events.

Get in touch

For more information about the cultural space, cinema or any of the exhibitions currently running please contact us at: 

Hannah Maclure Centre
Abertay University
Top Floor, Abertay Student Centre
1 - 3 Bell Street, DD1 1HP