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Freedom of Information

Welcome to the University's Publication Scheme pages

This page provides you with an introduction to Abertay University's Publication Scheme pages and with quick links to its pages.  The University has adopted the Model Publication Scheme from the Scottish Information Commissioner (OSIC).  Full details of the Model Publication Scheme and other information and guidance is available at the OSIC website.

The purpose of this Model Publication Scheme is to provide you with details of the range of information that we routinely publish.  The scheme also provides details of how you can access this information, and tells you whether it is available free, or if there is a charge for the information.

Publication Scheme Sections


Abertay University was established by the University of Abertay Dundee (Scotland) Order of Council 1994 and was originally founded as Dundee Technical Institute in 1888. The main objectives of the University are to provide education, undertake and carry out research, and to make suitable and adequate provision for teaching, learning, scholarship and research.

The University is governed by the University Court, which has overall responsibility for the University’s strategic direction, for conducting the affairs of the University and for carrying out and promoting its objectives. In addition to the work of Court itself, Court has established a number of committees that take forward certain aspects of its work.

The University Senate is responsible for the overall planning, co-ordination, development and supervision of the academic work of the University. Senate's responsibilities in this regard are delegated by the University Court, to which Senate is subject to general control and direction. Senate has also established a number of committees that take forward certain aspects of its work.

Staff Training

Online training on the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, from the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, is available here.  Information management training from the Leadership Foundation is also available here.  All staff are recommended to take this training.  Other University training materials are below (these are included within induction training for new staff):  please click on the links below to access these.

Publication Scheme Staff Training Materials May 2017

FOI Staff Training as at May 2017

Guide to Information available through the University's Model Publication Scheme

While the University's strategy is to try to make information available wherever possible, in some instances information will be exempt from disclosure under the relevant legislation where it contains, for example, personal information, or information which, if released, may substantially prejudice the commercial interests of any person; endanger the physical or mental health or the safety of an individual, substantially prejudice the effective conduct of public affairs, or constitute an actionable breach of confidence.

For full details, and to view the University's Guide to Information, please visit the page entitled Guide to Information available through the Model Publication Scheme.  Please note that this page contains details of the University's charging scheme for providing information.

Abertay University's Statement of its "Public Task" in relation to the INSPIRE (Scotland) Regulations 2009

Please find this statement here:  The Abertay University Inspire Public Task Statement

Disclosure Log



Student numbers & bursaries FOI response 2 Feb 2015 Redacted

‌‌Smart Drugs FOI response April 2016 Redacted

Study drugs FOI response April 16 Redacted



Library fines FOI response February 2015 redacted

Book charges FOI response Aug 15 redacted



Counselling Service Annual Report 2012_13

Counselling Service Annual Report 2013_14

Counselling Mental Health Team Report 2014_15

Counselling Mental Health Team Report 2015_16


Mental Health

Mental Health FOI response February 2016 Redacted


CBI membership

CBI fees FOI response May 2014 Redacted

CBI contributions FOI response Aug 2014 Redacted

CBI membership history FOI response Oct 2014 Redacted

CBI Payments Response Aug 2015 Redacted



‌Please visit the IT-related disclosure log publication page here.


Investment & Endowment Summaries & Responses

Endowment Summary 2012-13 and 2013-14

Investment Summary 31 July 2015

Investments FOI response September 2015 Redacted

Endowment Funds FOI & EIR Response August 2016 Redacted

Endowment Investments FOI & EIR Response March 17 Redacted

FCP17 Investment Manager Tender

2016 10 04 FCPC Minute Appendix 1_Investment Mandate

Investment & Endowment Summary 30 April 2016

Investment & Endowment Summary 31 July 2016

Investment & Endowment Summary 31 October 2016 & 31 January 2017